Raining Petals

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Was most definitely a snow day! This winter Mississippi has seen more snow than they have in maybe forever!! It has been fun for me actually. I like when it snows down here because you can enjoy it for a day or two and then it usually warms up quickly and it all disappears and doesn't leave behind a huge mess. BUT...it can be catastrophic because they don't have the equipment down here to deal with it and people have no clue how to drive in it. It took Josh over 2 hours to get home today...it normally take 20 minutes!

Just two Saturdays ago it was a magnificent day...getting up into the 70s. Carter thought it was great and enjoyed a Popsicle and a balloon that was as happy as he was. It was so funny because everyone around town was just so happy and in such a good mood. The parks were all full and everyone seemed to have a smile on their face. The power a sunny, warm day can have on your spirits!


Jennifer said...

CRAZY! I can't believe how much snow that is!

Shelby said...

That's a ton of snow! I can't wait until the warm days of summer are here, too...the sun does seem to make everything a little better!

Jenete said...

Gotta love what snow does to areas without snowplows. We have enjoyed more snow days in the few years we have been in MD than we ever had in Twin growing up.