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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Days of Yore

Blogging has been nagging at me. This is the only place I record anything about our life and I hate that I have missed posting so much. Things are forgotten that I wish I remembered. Yet, it feels like such a chore to sit down to do a post when pictures need to be included. Uploading these pictures took like 30 minutes and I pretty much dread doing it. Gosh life is hard.

So I was sitting here spending my precious time doing....ummm...well....nothing really and decided to open my pictures and post something. These are memories captured in August 2009. That makes Carter just turned 3 in these pictures.

Above is the bridge that runs from Downtown Memphis to the state of Arkansas. Part of the bridge is in Tennessee and the other half is in Arkansas. And that is the mighty Mississippi River.

Below is a Magnolia. Isn't it beautiful! I absolutely love all the Magnolia trees down here. 

These pictures were taken at Mud Island. It is a museum that created a miniature version of the Mississippi River. You can see where it starts and follow it all the way on its journey. Kids love to jump around and splash in the water.

                                          Above: Riding the tram to Mud Island
       Tom Cruise rode this same tram in the movie "The Firm" which was filmed in Memphis.

I live in an amazing place (despite Memphis being the scum of the Earth and holding the highest of rankings in crime, teen pregnancy, drugs, gangs, murder, theft, etc) and there is so much beauty. I have never felt unsafe (but would never venture in parts of Memphis after dark) and the only time I really hear of or see any of the riff raff is on the news. If I didn't watch the news (and I rarely do anymore) I just might think I lived in one of the best places on Earth. I am now determined to show you more of where I live. I will get on that...in a month or two.

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Us Bailey's said...

What a fun time you guys always seem to have! Those flowers are gorgeous and all of that green is making me very jealous right now! Glad you guys are having fun and exploring new places! Good luck!