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Friday, February 11, 2011

These are a Few...

of my favorite things. I have seen these posts starting to pop back up and I think they are fun.

1. New Fav. Store. Marshalls!! I sometimes day dream about Marshalls. If I am near it...I must stop in for a look:) My favorite purchases have been purses, a cute cardigan, black trouser socks, the cutest little cards, and two luxurious Calvin Klein pillows . Very inexpensive for high quality, trusted brands. I lived here for over 2 years before I went into this store...I couldn't believe what I was missing! 

2. It isn't a secret that I love deal sites...Groupon, Nomorerack.com, Zulily, Living Social, Dealpulp.com, just to name a few. I have scored some awesome deals from these places. I also like following coupon deal sites like Freebies2Deals and Krazy Coupon Lady. I have not gotten serious about couponing...but I think I might give it a try soon!

3. Several of our friends from the ward use Melaleuca and rave about the products...I decided to give them a try because if someone raves I have to get in on it. I have only used 3 products thus far...and thus far I LOVE 3 products. Vanilla Bean Lip Balm...sooooo good. It seriously keeps my lips moisturized and feeling creamy for sooo long after one application. I will definitely have to get more of it. The other 2 products are the MelaSoft Laundry detergent and fabric softener. I am very particular about smells and especially the smell of my clothes so I was leery of trying a new detergent I have never used. I was so happy when I pulled my clothes out and they smelled so good! I will definitely
stick with this product. You only need a tiny pump of it so it will last 3x as long as the other stuff...and it is shipped right to my door! 
(you have to be a member to order Melaleuca but I can sign you up if you are interested)

4.Owls. Not the real brown or gray ones. I mean...sure they are all right but not my fav. I like the non-real, cartoony ones that are aqua or pink and whimsical...oooh like this!

If only Carter liked owls too.

I would totally wear this and love it.

If had a little girl her bum would look just like this!
There are a million different owl pendants on Etsy. I want all of them.

5. Blokus. Josh and I like battling it out in this game. Warning: Do not play this game if you are a sore loser or in an particularly bad mood that day. When your spouse blocks you it can seem a bit earth shattering. :) Carter can play, too, with just a little bit of help from us...so it is fun for the whole family. I definitely recommend this game.

6. Maurices. Holding strong for years now, Maurices' clothing continues to be a staple in my wardrobe. I also have a lot of Old Navy and Fashion Bug in my closet.

This will be all for now. You do a post now.


Katie said...

I hear you on the Blokus! Santa brought it to us for Christmas, and we have managed to play it several times *and* keep all the pieces! Woot Woot! (See what I did there with the owls? Oh, yeah!)

To make up for my horrible pun, here's a Valentine Owl Crafty Thing (I'm pretty sure that's the official technical name) you might like: http://www.5orangepotatoes.com/blog/2011/01/29/valentine-owl-tutorial/

Johnny Apple Seed said...
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Brandi said...

Thanks for sharing Laura! I have never played Blokus...we'll have to try it. If you LOVE owls, you should hop on over to my friend's blog (http://theyellowhouse365.blogspot.com/) She does a "Friday Freebie" every week and they are all adorable. Last week she had owl printable valentine's (http://theyellowhouse365.blogspot.com/2011/02/for-you.html) which are 5x7's or you can go to this link http://theyellowhouse365.blogspot.com/2011/01/for-you_28.html for 8x10's. She has a link on the side of her blog that says Friday Freebies. Just click on it and all of them come up. Let me know what you think! -Brandi

Shelby said...

I love hearing about things that other people recommend! I've never been to a Marshall's but I think it must be a lot like my own favorite store, Ross. You know how much I love owls...great post!

Ash said...

I love Blokus! My family always has a tournament at Christmas time. Its a good time.

Levi and Amanda said...

Oooh, new game to try! We're always looking for new games! I love owls, too! In fact, now that we're cloth diapering, my laundry bag for them is covered on oh-so-cute pink and and purple owls. :)

des said...

Melaluca...My mom tried it for a few years and like a few of there products I didn't get much into it- probably cause I was a single college girl haha. BUT I do love their Renew lotion, maybe I'll try some of their other stuff!! excited.
love owls :)

Us Bailey's said...

What fun stuff. Thanks for sharing. We love the Melaluca stuff too (although my favorite chap stick is the raspberry one) and we love Blokus too! Have fun searching for more deals!!!

Katie said...

Night Owl party: http://snowybliss.blogspot.com/2011/02/night-owl-party.html