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Thursday, November 3, 2016

A New November

I have lots to catch up on from October. Shortly after my last post I was attacked by a sinus infection that kicked my butt for well over week. So I have fallen behind...again. Am I supposed to blog? It seems the universe battles against me to keep me from doing so. Do I fight it or Give in? I will think on this.

For now...I have decided to delve in November head on and make it a more meaningful month. I usually go through it only focused on the big feast at the end of the month. As a child I was rather bored with November and equally bored with a big dinner and football. So I thought I would try to make November as fun as October and as exciting as December for my kids. I am scouring the interwebs trying to come up with some great ideas. If you have anything that works great in your family please share!

I am just getting started and need to come up with a plan. But for now...I have an entire basket of Thanksgiving themed books checked out from the library and I printed off this coloring sheet.

I am going to have my 10 year old fill the feathers with things he is thankful for. And I will help my toddler write them in. Then just color. I will hang all of our Thanksgiving creations throughout the house to make it festive and hopefully feel some sort of celebration for all of our blessings. So simple but I think a great way to kick off our November.

P.S. I have never decorated for Thanksgiving...so I went to Hobby Lobby and got a banner that I am about to hang and some window clings just to invite the spirit of thankfulness into our home! So if you want to be festive try putting up some Thanksgiving flair and share if you have any genius ideas!

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julie said...

I had an opposite train of thought being: wow I did so awesome making October fun that now I earned a break! I'm not doing a thing. But I should do something with gratitude and your decor is super cute.