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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lashes For Miles

Ignore everything about my face...except my lashes. These were taken to try and show you how long Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes make your lashes! Every time I put it on I seriously say, "Wow!". This is just a modest, single coat, on the top lashes. You can do several coats to go from Wow to Vroooom! 

I am not the best model for the lashes but I wanted to show you a real person...a person that does not consider herself a "make-up person" in the least. Trying these lashes and the eye pigments got me hooked and I joined up with Younique Instantly. Do I want you to buy them? YES! Would I try to sell you something I did not like and stand behind? NO! SO TRY THEM ALREADY! 
They come with a satisfaction guarantee...so if you don't love them you get your money back...easy peasy. 

Here is my link to check out all the products we offer:

Now if only there was a product to shrink my nose. 

1 comment:

Casey Wootton said...

Shutup about your nose already! It's perfect! Also, I tried to take a selfie with my lashes because I was so darn proud of them and then realized my face is really crooked. So there!