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Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Visit and a Review

Yesterday was the 3rd snow day for Carter this week. Down here in the Memphis area we cancel school even with the threat of snow...so when it actually falls you bet we are staying home! I know Idaho is just shaking it's head.

We had a lazy morning but did clean the living room...like pull the couches out and pick up and sweep up all the hidden treasures that lied in wait. So that is where all of Carter's socks went! 

I put Cannon down for his Noon nap and then got showered and dressed myself. I then put together a goodie basket to take to the hospital. Our friends from church have a son that got into a car accident last week. There was a fatality but Brien survived and is in the step-down unit of the ICU at The Med. He is doing remarkably well considering the circumstances. So we went up to see him and visit with his parents and take them some nourishment and a little entertainment in the form of magazines and crossword puzzles.

Carter had a bit of an eye opening experience as we walked through the ICU. Many doors were open and he could see the ill and injured patients in their beds. It was a bit shocking to him but I think also good for him to see.

After we left there I wanted to check out a place that I have read about several times on Memphis blogs and Urban Spoon. It is called Kwik Chek and it is a convenience store and a Mediterranean-Korean restaurant in one. There is tons of hype about it and has a cult following, if you will.

 You place your order for the entrees at a counter and then you can pick out drinks and sides out of the coolers. This little nut pictured below is a walking disaster case. :) He was out past bedtime, our fault. I had gotten a side dish of pasta salad and in one of his little fits he knocked it off the table and it splattered all over the floor. Before anyone could take a bite. Disappointing. He needs a straight jacket.
 I ordered the infamous Bi Bim Bop Burger because everyone raves...I mean RAVES. Reading the description of it didn't really sell me...but I mean...come on...Raves...so we had to try it. Here is what it looks like when brought out from the kitchen. It is a beef patty with cheese and Korean stir fry veggies, and a sunny side up egg with a Korean spicy sauce.

I had originally ordered it for Josh and I ordered the Gyro. But after tasting the burger I traded immediately. I also knew after biting into the burger and tasting all the amazing Asian flavors that Josh was probably not a big fan. I was right...he much preferred the Gyro. But man oh man was that burger DELICIOUS...seriously so good. I have never tasted a combination like that but it works and works well. I will have to go back again for it.

Carter got the Turkey Club...looks like a basic sandwich but it was oh so good as well. Just perfect. I want that again too. 

And here is the Gyro. Very basic but overstuffed with delicious lamb. Cannon really liked the lamb. They put too many onions on for my taste so I had picked a bunch off before I passed it to Josh. Simple, but delicious as well. Next time we will ask for a little but more sauce on it though. 
 I saw several other dishes come out that looked so good. One table got the Kimchi Fried Rice which looked amazing and another table ordered the Noodle Soup...which I really wanted to ask them if I could just have a slurp or two of;)

It is definitely a casual place...is there a rung below casual? People of Wal-Mart casual? You could definitely go in your pajamas and not be out of place. It was nice because Cannon could run around the place without being too annoying...but with the chips and candies at his level it was hard to reign him in.

Will we go back?...definitely!! There are so many menu items left to try plus repeating what we already had.
Kwik Chek 
2013 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN

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