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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Booker T. Washington

Carter had the opportunity to earn some extra credit by doing a small project on a Famous Black American in honor of Black History Month. Carter chose Booker T. Washington. He chose him because he had just recently read a book about him and he liked how Washington opened his own school (the red building in the back).

I handed Carter a piece of paper and told him to practice sketching Washington out and then he would need to complete a full color portrait. 

He sat down and I came back about 15 minutes later to this...Carter is not about practicing and got right to the point. My heart burst with love. Is this not the cutest thing? haha...you might have to be the mother of the artist to love it...but gosh it made me want to just squeeze Carter. I was so proud of it. He was a little embarrassed by and it thought it looked terrible. I assured him it was perfect. 

I know there are 8 year old out there that can draw better than adults and can be featured in galleries...but I like how THIS 8 year old draws. 
He also had to complete a timeline and write a journal entry pretending to be Washington.

Carter definitely needs some handwriting practice but I am framing this picture!

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Casey Wootton said...

It is perfect! SO sweet that he drew and colored him. I love it so much!!