Raining Petals

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cannon wanted to go, "bye, bye" as soon as he woke up this morning. He kept bringing me my shoes. There was no talking him out of it. So we got dressed and ready to go and headed to Memphis. We have a family pass to the Children's Museum and had not been there for several months...so that is where we headed. 

It was exciting to get there and see they had added some new things, like this outdoor playground. There is a super fun little zip line and a modern merry-go-round. Lots of fun! They also expanded the toddler area inside and I was super excited about it. I was kind of getting bored with the same stuff every time we went...so it was fun for me to see something new. 

Curious George was at the museum today too! This is as close as we got because several schools were there and all the students took turns body slamming him, so we just snapped a picture and went on our way. 

 I love watching Cannon toddle around and explore his world. He is so much fun! We played and then we ate a tiny bit of lunch and played a little more. Then Cannon got super whiny really fast...which meant it was nap time. I swear he almost fell asleep standing up. It made me laugh out loud watching him. As soon as we got in the car he was out. 

After getting back into our little town I drove to a trailer Josh was working on. This one happens to be one we own. Josh did an awesome job rehabbing it and getting it rent ready. After I went in and inspected the unit Cannon woke up in the car alone and was super grumpy at me...for the next couple of hours. Ugh. I almost want to just skip naps rather than deal with after nap grumpies. Not fun. 

Cannon is in love with the movie Frozen and insisted we watch, "Let It Go" (his name for the movie). So for the millionth time this week we sat and watched the show while Cannon tried to get happy. 

A little while later Carter got home from school covered in little fuzzy love bugs and a bag of Valentine goodies. Today was his class party. Which at 11:00 last night it hit me that today was the party and Carter had not made his Valentine's! Sooo...Mom to the rescue. Luckily I had picked up a box of cards and a bag of Sweethearts earlier this month. So I spent an hour last night writing out his cards. Good times. Carter took cards that included a finger mustache tattoo and then also gave out sheets of colorful paper that gave instructions on how to make it into a paper airplane. Apparently...these two things were the hit of the party. Carter said his teach commented that we always do awesome stuff. SCORE! Thanks Kroger Valentine section for making me the "cool" parent...baha. 

After Cannon was calm enough to let me walk about the house, I changed his diaper and hung up and put away a basket of his clothes. Then I changed his crib sheet, pillow case, and changing pad and threw everything into the laundry. 

I asked Josh to come home and play with Cannon while I helped Carter get his extra credit project done. So while the boys played I wrote out a timeline and diary entry for Booker T. Washington, Carter's choice for a Famous Black American. Then Carter went and copied it in his own handwriting. We all know parents do these projects. I know I am not alone. Don't judge me. ;)

While he was copying I made a pan of taco meat and everyone assembled their own tacos for dinner. 

By this time I felt sweaty and gross from my day out and went and drew a bath because I am luxurious like that. Cannon joined me and I got him washed up and then Josh got him ready for bed while I soaked for a bit. 

Then I nursed Cannon to sleep and he went into his crib. I then tucked Carter in and packed his snack for his trip to Nashville tomorrow. He gets to go with his Spotlight class to the Discovery Science Center in Nashville tomorrow. This is his first long distance trip away from home. I am excited for him to have this new experience. He is super excited too! 

I then sat down to blog...and low and behold...Julie called! So we chatted for a couple of hours in our true fashion....and now I have Modern Family playing in the background while I journal this day. 

Sorry for all the little boring details, I know it gets long to read...but I need them! I need the details. I don't just want to read back and remember a little...I want to remember A LOT...like what I am wearing.

Navy Blue Pajamas with little white flowers. 



Casey Wootton said...

It is totally not boring! I wish more people blogged about the little goings-on in their days because I am curious and want to know. Sounds like an absolutely beautiful day.

julie said...

I love your blog!!! Maybe you'll go viral since you're the ONLY person doing it. haha
but really, I love your chronicalling and you make all the little details interesting.