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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday is a Special Day

Josh woke up at 5:30 this morning and took off to Tupelo, MS to help with the tornado damage clean up. That means I was up bright and early too. Carter woke up at 6:00 and Cannon followed at 6:30. I did the mom thing...nursed the babe, changed his diaper, and then made breakfast for the kidlets. Today was eggs, bacon, and bananas. After cleaning up breakfast Carter wanted to play the Wii and Cannon crawled around the house getting into whatever he could. I could not do a whole lot because Cannon does not like it when I move around the house. He follows me around and cries...so I tried to stay still so that he would play. I perused Facebook and the Internet until Cannon decided I had had enough;) I played with him and tried to keep him happy. More nursing and trying to get him back down for a morning nap...no such luck today.

I was so tired that sitting at home was not going to work. When I am that tired it is harder to stay home than it is to go out. At home I am just hoping my kids will miraculously fall asleep on the spot so that I can too...and we all know how well that wish is granted. Never.

So we all got dressed and headed out. First stop was the Farmer's Market. Hernando has an awesome town square, downtown area. So cute and quaint. The Farmer's Market is pretty great...not too big...but not too small...juuuuuust right. Carter picked out a homemade fruit popsicle that he only got a couple bites of before he dropped it on the ground:(  Then he picked out some homemade peanut butter cookies from a cute old lady selling her baked goods. I did not buy anything today.

The library is right on the square so that was our next stop. They have a cute children's section with several bead mazes and a big play firetruck and school bus. They also have puzzles, puppets, and computers for the kids. I let Cannon crawl around and explore. He was very happy to do so and really enjoyed himself. Carter searched for some I Spy books and found some he wanted to check out. Then Cannon pooped and stunk up the whole area so that was our cue to exit.

I changed Cannon in the car and we headed to a cute little boutique shop to look around. Then went to find a yard sale. We found one that looked promising and to my surprise had tons of clothes size 18-24 months for boys. I bought Cannon a grocery bag full of clothes and also came away with this...

Carter had this toy...except it was the house... when he was a tot and he loved it. It was the best toy I purchased...so I was excited to get this for Cannon. The lady having the yard sale was very nice and played with Cannon while I looked through clothes. We discovered that her daughter is in Carter's grade and are both in the gifted program, though they go on different days. She had a lot of cute, high quality clothes. It is hard to find good, used boy clothes so this was nice.

After the yard sale we got Carter a bite to eat. We tried to talk and sing loudly to keep Cannon from falling asleep...but alas...he zonked after our busy morning. I was hoping to get him home and in his crib for a good nap. If he falls asleep in the car and I wake him up then he is done napping whether it was 5 minutes or 50 minutes. So I decided to head to Southaven and let him sleep. I had my favorite Thai restaurant on my mind.

I decided to drive a little further to Olive Branch because Josh had told me earlier that he saw they were having their May Fest downtown. I had not planned to go but decided, why not! It is a smaller festival but we had a lot of fun walking around and looking at the vendors and listening to the band. The sun was shining and it was just good to be out. I bought myself a "Mississippi Girl" T-Shirt...I think I am turning Southern!!

Carter saw a Mine Craft hat with a creeper on it that caught his eye, so I treated him to that, as well as, a balloon yoyo and a blue raspberry snow cone that turned his lips blue. Cannon happily sat in his stroller bouncing his legs and taking in the sights and sounds. I knew he must be hungry so I got a grilled chicken kabob. It was seriously so good! Hot off the BBQ grill. He loved it and happily ate it all and I shared a fruit smoothie with him. It was hot out by then and he loved that special treat!

After that, we headed to my favorite Thai/Japanese Fusion restaurant where I got my "regular" Massaman Curry and Grizzly Sushi roll to go. Yum, Yum, Yum. So good.

Cannon does not like being in his car seat one bit and he lets us know the whole time we are driving, so from there we headed home. We got home around 3:00. I ate my late lunch while Cannon sat in his high chair next to me sharing my food. Carter played the Wii some more. He wanted to play outside but all the neighbor kids were not around today.

After cleaning up lunch I made Carter turn over the TV so I could lounge for a bit with Cannon. By the time I got settled on the couch though Cannon was fussy and I couldn't please him. So I turned the TV off and put him in the bath tub. I let him splash a bit and then got him all ready for bed. I nursed and rocked him in the rocking chair. I love holding him and rocking him. Those are moments my heart just bursts with love. I love when he just looks right up into my eyes for several minutes and then softly touches my face. The.Best.

 By the time he fell asleep Josh had come home and showered! yay! I love when Josh comes home! I put Cannon in his crib and left the room. He cries when I do this for several minutes. It is always hard for me to let him cry but then he ends up sleeping long stretches. We have been crib training him for a week now and it has been great! He no longer sleeps in our bed at all. Sometimes I miss him next to me but we all get better sleep this way. He still usually wakes up once a night and wants to nurse and usually needs a diaper change. I can't wait until he sleeps through the night and we all start getting some good zzzzz's.

I plopped down on the couch and watched Dateline...I am not sure why but I always watch Dateline and am intrigued by the mysteries and how the authorities finally solve the cases. I am disturbed though by the ones where you just are not sure what the truth it...but someone is punished for it. What if they didn't do it???

Josh promptly went to sleep after spending the whole day doing hard manual labor. He chopped lots of fallen trees up and hauled lots and lots of branches and limbs. I think it was 6:30 when he went to sleep. After my show was over I drew myself a steamy Epsom salt bath and soaked my cares away. Then I tucked Carter in. We read a Black Lagoon book and said prayers...and then I came here...to journal my day. It is 9:34 now. I am going to go dry my hair and then climb into bed next to Josh.


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Lisa said...

Yesterday, I sat down at the computer and thought, "Nobody blogs anymore!" Then I realized that *I* haven't been blogging either! You're motivating me to make a little time for it. Keep up the good work!