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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Just Another Post

So I have not been sticking to my goal. I feel like posting every night would bore the tears out of whoever is reading this (crickets chirping). But that was my whole point...not to entertain but to just journal! So I need to do better at posting like I said I was going to.

This morning Josh took Cannon to Miss Mary's. That transition is going better. He doesn't cry too much when we drop him off anymore and he also does not cling to me and squeeze me when I pick him up (sigh...I liked the big squeeze he gave me the first two times but I am glad it is getting better). He is still happy to see me and comes right to me...but no more "cling of death grip".

I went to the office and organized and packed up my jewelry and accessories because I was invited to a little shopping event at a retirement center. It took me a couple of hours to get organized. Once I had the van packed with what I needed I went to Jeremiah's Journey. JJ's is a local boutique that features a bunch of different vendors selling their wares. I rent a little spot in there for $35.00 a month and sell Paparazzi Jewelry and other jewelry and accessories that I order wholesale. I also sell scarves, watches, wallets, an assortment of bags and lunch totes, cute little stuffed dolls, key fobs, and hair accessories. Most of my accessories are under $8.00 and my bags and totes are under $16.00. I am one of the least expensive booths. There are several vendors that refinish furniture and have gotten a couple pieces from there that I love! I really enjoy having my little booth and tending to it. It does not make me rich...I average only profiting maybe $150.00 a month but it is more fun for me than anything. I could go bigger and get a bigger space which would bring in more money...but for now this is perfect and I go in maybe twice a month to tend to it.

After that I went and picked up my baby and then we had to take a trip to Wal-Mart to return something. We also bought dual DVD players for the van. We will need to entertainment soon as we will be traveling cross country from Mississippi to Idaho.

Then we hurried home so I could nurse Cannon and have a little down time with him before I had to leave for my event.

Josh got home from work to take Cannon for the evening and I took Carter along to be my helper. This is the first event I have done without Josh. Josh really does not enjoy doing these events but he always went with me anyway. This time I did not beg him because he needed to stay with the babe and Carter is now old enough to be my right hand man. Carter was an awesome helper. He helped me load all of my gear in and set up all the merchandise. He then attracted all the old people with his cuteness. He even went to a couple other vendors and did some Mother's Day shopping for me. He got me a couple charms for my Origami Owl locket which I LOVE. then when it was over He helped me pack up and load the van. I gave him $10.00 for helping me.

When we got in the car Carter said, "Mom, when I was walking around shopping a little old lady came and gave me a hug and kiss and then gave me two tens. Is that okay?" I told him that it was okay and that it was very sweet of that lady to do that. I told him that just being a kid brings joy to these elderly people and that he makes their day when he is around them. He told me he had a fun time and was surprised because he was actually not very excited to go with me. I am glad he was there. He was a great helper and I enjoyed spending that time with him.

After that we ran to Target and got a few things we needed and Carter bought himself a CD and a Wii game with his money. Carter LOVES music and listens to it whenever he has the chance. He got the NOW 49 CD which is all the recent hits on the radio and he loves all of them. We then picked up dinner at Texas Roadhouse because we had a gift card from Grandma Theresa from Christmas. We love us some Texas Roadhouse. Then Carter and I put together teacher appreciation gifts for his teacher Mrs. Dove and teacher aid Mrs. White. This was their first year teaching and I think they did a wonderful job. Carter loves them and wrote them sweet messages in a card.

Cannon just woke up crying so I am going to usher Carter off to bed and go nurse Cannon.

It was a great day...but not enough Cannon...I am going to go remedy that now. Goodnight!

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julie said...

I have never cried from boredom, so post away!!

That reminds me about Texas Roadhouse..the rolls that were from there from the fundraiser..remember? NOT EVEN CLOSE. They were small and dense, and super sweet. Not good even for regular rolls. So now you know.

I was going to call you tonight..but I left my phone at a friend's house. oops.