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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy Easter...Just a Tad Late!

I need to be quicker to the draw...I am already having a hard time remembering Easter and it wasn't that long ago. 

Carter declined Easter pictures. I would have made him but he had already taken off his Sunday Best and I was not going to fight him to put them back on. 

Carter woke up bright and early and found his Easter basket waiting for him on the couch. He explored it before coming to wake us up. I wish I would have gotten pictures...I think this is the first year I failed to capture the baskets. Ah well. Carter got a kite, some new shoes, A Raving Rabbid toy, and an outdoor bouncy Frisbee thingy. The Easter Bunny also hid some eggs throughout the house filled with candy that he went around and gathered. (again, all before I even got up). 

Cannon got some Peter Rabbit rubber characters and some Peter Rabbit bath books. He also got a Rabbit bib that failed to make it into pictures but he did wear it at church for a while with the outfit he is pictured in below. 

We went to church and I remember it was good. 

After church we went over to the Hope Family's house so Josh could help them get their HVAC going. It was very nice to chat with Cathy and her kids. 

When we got home I had planned an Easter dinner but it didn't happen. I think we ended up having meatball sliders...which are delicious. I think I made the ham and funeral potatoes the next day. 

I believe a nap was had. Glorious sleep. 

It was simple and nice. 
We reflected on the Savior and His life and resurrection. 
 We did a quick photo shoot once we got home with Josh's cell phone. His phone takes pretty decent photos. I think these turned out cute. In these pics Cannon is 9 months old. He has 4 teeth on top and 4 teeth on bottom. Still has blue eyes and strawberry hair. He crawls like a pro and cruises like a champ. He loves to push our kitchen chairs all over the kitchen and it makes a really loud, grating noise. It makes me laugh when I hear that noise start up. He also pushes our living room end table all over the house. He is a very good eater and eats his vegetables better than anything else. Let's hope it stays that way! 
He still wakes up once or twice a night to nurse. Will he ever sleep through the night?

He suffers from eczema and itches so bad. I feel so bad for him. We have tried so many thing to no avail. I hope he grows out of it. 
He loves outside and will do whatever he can to get outside with whoever is going. He likes going for a drive for about 5-10 minutes then he will scream for the remaining trip until you get him out. It is brutal sometimes. 
He loves to play patty cake and clap his hands whenever he gets the chance. He smothers us with lots of wet kisses and especially loves his momma right now. He loves for Carter to chase him while he crawls away as fast as he can. 
He has slowed way down on weight gain and is still around 19-20 pounds. He wears 9-12 month clothes. 
He already associates Josh with being funny and rough housing. He makes a funny sound when he sees Josh which means he is ready to play! 
He has been quite a fussbudget and will following me around crying to be held. He makes it very hard to get anything done, so when we are together I try to forget about everything else and just play with, read to, and cuddle him. Though he can be exhausting, he is just the softest spot in my heart and I adore him. I thank Heavenly Father for him every night. He is pure joy. 

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