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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Busy Bee

Hey Y'all!

We have all been really busy around here...parenting, working, and getting ready to travel across the country.

In recent news Carter graduated from 2nd grade! The year went by so incredibly fast that is seriously blows my mind. I feel like I missed out a little on his year because I have been so focused on raising a newborn. I was really active in his kindergarten and first grade classes but this year I was not able to do that.

On his last day of school we went to his classroom for a little awards ceremony. Carter was given the "Snicker" award for being the class clown and always making everyone laugh. As soon as the teacher announced the name of this award I knew it was going to be given to Carter. I always hear from other parents that their kids come home telling them how funny Carter is. I am glad he has a sense of humor and I hope he carries his funniness throughout his life, I just hope he is respectful and tactful in his use of it. He also got an award for being on the Honor Roll all year. He finished the year with A's and B's...despite his trouble with spelling. He excels in all subject but struggles with spelling. We have to make sure to study, study, study his words. And that is A-OK!

Cannon turned 10 months and is almost to his 11 month mark. He had some rough weeks as he was cutting his molars. The poor kid whined and cried most of the day for several weeks. I didn't realize it was his molars bothering him and I was exhausted and worried I had a crabby kid. However, those stinkers finally poked through and he has been so pleasant and so sweet. He is still cruising around but has not attempted walking by himself yet. He knows how to "got get the ball" when asked. He still loves to play patty cake and clap his hands whenever he gets the chance. He give big toothy grins that just tickle us all...Josh is especially fond of these big smiles Cannon gives him. He had learned to shake his head "no"...although he does not know what "no" means yet. He babbles and talks all day long. He loves to eat and will each pretty much everything. We just figured out though that he is allergic to eggs. He just makes me so happy. Yesterday he was playing and I was folding clothes on the couch. He crawled over to me and put his hand up for me to get him. I picked him up and he laid his head on my shoulder for minute. Melt.My.Heart.  He totally made my day and then got back down and continued to play some more. He is just sweetness personified.

Yesterday I got the boy's suitcase all packed while Carter had a friend from school over. Logan was in Carter's class and this was the first time he had ever been allowed to go on a play date. So he was really excited. They jumped on the trampoline, played a little bit with the Wii, Rode scooters, ate popsicles, and watched America's Funniest Home Videos. Logan's mom came back and took Carter and Logan out to Mexican Food (though both boys opted for a cheeseburger...go figure).

Today I am getting Josh and I packed up and the van all organized. We hope to leave tomorrow for Idaho!! Yay!! We are all so excited. We usually take one to trips a year to somewhere, anywhere! After I got pregnant we didn't go far and the only trip we have made since then was down to southern Mississippi for Thanksgiving. So we are all itching for a trip!! We are all a little worried about traveling such a long distance with a 10 month old who hate the car seat. It might be a little rough but we plan to be easy going and stop whenever we need to and not rush it. We are planning lots of stops to play and see the sights as we make our way to Idaho.

I am excited to meet Caius, my nephew who was born just 3 weeks before Cannon. I am looking forward to lots of laughing and chatting in my parent's living room, games, good food, movies, playing, swimming, and just hanging out and getting in good family time. I love where we live a lot...but being so far from family does take its toll...so I am so looking forward to seeing them all.

My little brother, Jake, is getting married on July 12th...so my boys and me will stay all of June and through July to Jake's wedding. Then Josh will come for the wedding and then we will drive back to Mississippi together.

I have pictures from Carter's last day that I hope to remember to put up here soon! But if you don't hear from me for a while it is because I am too busy in Idaho to blog! So I will catch up when we get home!

Until Then...

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