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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Miss My Blog

I was just reading some of my posts...I am so glad I wrote them...especially the little details about my boys and our daily lives. All things I have forgotten so I am happy I recorded them...I wish I would have recorded more.

A lot has happened since I last posted. We traveled to Idaho, went to Vegas, and then back to Mississippi. I have lots of pictures to post and all the travel needs its own update.

After we got back to Mississippi Carter started the 3rd grade! He has Mrs. Williams for a teacher and seems to be doing really well. He will tell you he doesn't like school but he wakes up and gets ready without much of a fight. He went from being so little to so grown up so quickly....it kind of breaks my heart. He gets up and gets dressed and walks to the bus stop all by himself. He makes himself meals when I don't want to...haha. He still has a long way to go to be fully self-sufficient but I think I am just fine with that for now. He will be 9 this year. He is an emotional, head strong kid that is sensitive and loving. He is funny and creative and smart. He loves music...a lot. He likes to build with Legos and draw. He is a huge fan of Star Wars and Ole' Miss. He tests me every day with his sass mouth and disobedience. I know he is just testing his limits but he is going to turn me gray. But I love him. I worry over him and pray for him. I just want to see him be happy and do what he loves and stay strong to the teachings of the Gospel.

Cannon had his 1st birthday in Idaho and at the same time took off walking. He went to Idaho a baby and came home a toddler! The change is kind of boggling. He is now 19 months. He is still just sweet. He has the cutest little dimple with his big grin. He is funny and loves to entertain. He also looooves music and dancing and it makes my day to watch. His favorite songs right now are "Let It Go" from Frozen. We were late to the Frozen game. Kids everywhere have been obsessed for years now...we just caught on. I love that show. We also have one episode from the the Fresh Beat Band on our DVR that Cannon loves to watch almost everyday because it has several catchy tunes to sing and dance to. I am getting sick of it...but he loves it! His vocabulary has taken off. He can say all kinds of words and all of our names. He an even say a couple short sentences. He is obsessed with closing doors and turning lights on and off. He likes to build with his Mega Blocks and carry around his stuffed animals. He loves to eat and asks for cookies all day long. "Cookie" is anything that tastes good. He takes a nap around Noon everyday but only for about an hour. The rest of the day he is non-stop busy. He go, go, goes. Then around 6:00 he starts to feel it and it is time to get ready for bed! He still  likes to nurse before bed and then goes down hid crib just fine. He wakes up and says "Morning!". He loves to see me in the morning and pat my face and give me kisses and also nurse for a while. Though I am ready to be done nursing, he still finds comfort in it so I am letting him continue...those quiet moments will soon be gone. I wish they didn't grow so fast. I adore this baby. He brightens my life...he brightens all of our lives. I am grateful he finally came to our family.

There is more to write and pictures to post. I had not planned to post when I came to the blog tonight...but after reading some I didn't want to miss an opportunity to record my boys. They are still so young but it already feels so fleeting to me. They will be gone before I know it...I don't wanna miss a thing.

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