Raining Petals

Thursday, April 24, 2014

It was a lovely day.

Josh, once again, let me sleep in. That alone makes a good day.

After I woke up Josh, Cannon, and I hung around the house. I curled my hair. Took a selfie. Sent it to Casey and Julie. At Noon I left to go to the dentist to get my permanent crown cemented on. Josh took Cannon over to the trailer park to accept a delivery.

The dentist went well. I really like this practice, Desoto Family Dentistry. Dr. Trotter is my dentist and Tammy is his assistant. I have been very pleased with them. I especially like Tammy. My friend, Kelli, from church also works the front desk area there so it is nice to go in and see a friendly face and chat with her.

When I got home from the dentist Cannon was napping on the couch while Josh watched a movie. When I walked in he told me, "Well you better go do whatever it is you want to do for the rest of the day." I was like WHAT? I can leave? And he told me he was not going to work for the rest of the day and I could do whatever I wanted. I squealed and took off!!

I decided to drive up to Memphis to the Wolfchase area which is about 45 minutes away. I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble. On the way there I called Casey and she chatted with me all the way there. We have a tradition where we will call each other if one of us is driving a substantial distance. Casey and I are so similar and it is nice to be able to just unload our frustrations and share our thoughts with each other because we are usually of the same mind and opinion. I can't wait until June when we will get to spend time together and finally meet each other's babies!!

At Barnes and Noble I perused the aisles. I don't buy books much anymore due to having a Kindle but I still love to look around. I picked up a book by Dr. Sears on Vaccinations and two Paleo cookbooks. I sat down and read the vaccine book. Dr. Sears is pro-vac but also gives very unbiased opinions. It made me feel a lot better about deciding not to vaccinate Cannon as a baby. I am undetermined about when but I do plan to vaccinate him against Polio and Meningitis...but the book basically said there really is no immediate need to vaccinate. I know there are some very, very strong opinions about this...most opposite from what I just stated...but I am doing what I think is best for Cannon. The end.

After leaving the bookstore I spotted a baby consignment sale. So, I stopped in. I looked around at everything but I only left the sale with a pair of Carhart overalls for Cannon. They are so cute. They look like mini work overalls. It is always hard to find cute, used boy clothes.

From there I went across the street to the movie theater. The thought of seeing a movie alone sounded downright luxurious. I decided to see Divergent and I had the entire theater to myself. I absolutely love seeing movies alone. You can just get lost in the movie without worrying about anyone else. The movie was very good...it looked a lot like my imagination did while I read the book.

It was after 6:00 pm when the movie let out and it was storming outside. I had planned to do more shopping  but Josh and my boys were ready for me to come home. So I went and picked up dinner from Panda Express (you either love it or you don't) and drove home in the pouring rain. It was raining so hard I could barely see and just kept saying prayers to make it home safely.

Carter greeted me at the door and Cannon was asleep on Josh's chest. I love coming home to my boys. How blessed I am! Cannon woke up a few minutes later and gave me a big huge grin. I fed him some dinner and got him ready for bed. I laid down with him and nursed him to sleep. I love that sweet baby. I love nursing him. I love how much he loves me.

Tomorrow I have dishes and laundry waiting for me.

I am thankful for Josh. He really is amazing. He is such a good, good person. We do have our small struggles (mostly involving time) but he is my best friend and he sacrifices his wants a lot to give me time to catch up on sleep and do things I want to do. Those things keep me sane...so he keeps me sane. :) I really lucked out in the husband department and I often don't feel deserving of him.

Well...another post down. Probably pretty boring to the average reader but I will like looking back at this when I am older and remembering what I did in my 30s when I had little kids. It is 10:30 now...time for bed! Goodnight!


julie said...

I love that you're blogging so much. Hooray!!

Jennifer Dunn said...

That sounds like a great day.