Raining Petals

Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby Drinking Song By: Carter Van Noy

In art class Carter had to draw a picture of something and then write a poem around it. He drew a sippy cup (a very basic sippy cup. Imagine a long rectangle with a little spout.) I love the poem he wrote. Here goes:

Sip a little
Sup a little
From your cup a little
Sip a little
Put it to your lip a little
Tip a little
Tap a little
Not into your lap or it will drip a little
Drop a little
On the table a little.

I think it is super cute.


Jennifer Dunn said...

That's very catchy--you could set that to a jingle and make a million bucks!

Great job, Carter!

julie said...

Haha, super cute!