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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Girl's Day Extravaganza

Yesterday was so much fun. I haven't felt so childish in a long time...haha is this a good or bad thing? Casey and I were able to step away from our Housewife roles for a couple of hours and act like silly teenagers again. (I find silly teenagers at the mall annoying. I am sure if I was looking at myself last night I would have been annoyed. But I wouldn't change a thing:)

Yesterday morning I awoke with sun at 6:30. We got Carter up and going. Does anyone else think 7:20 start time for Kindergarten is ludicrous? Even a half an hour more would make a world of difference.

After Carter and Josh both left I picked up the living room and vacuumed. I then did two loads of laundry and watched an Episode of "Downton Abbey" on Netflix while folding. I set out Carter's clothes and snack for the next day and set out two options for dinner for Josh to choose from (apparently he didn't appreciate it because Josh and Carter dined at Waffle House last night). Then I packed an overnight bag and threw caution to the wind as I took off in my ride. (my fancy 1998 Ford Taurus) I rolled the windows down and the let the wind whip my hair as a I sang to the radio at the top of my lungs. But not really because it was actually cold yesterday morning so the windows were up and the heat was on.

I drove the 30 minutes to Germantown (an area of greater Memphis) and checked into my sweet hotel room at Hyatt Place. I am not gonna lie. I felt luxurious. I was kind of giddy an watched TV and surfed the web and then ordered lunch for Casey and I from Bahama Breeze. I love that place! mmmmm. We had delicious seafood chowder and coconut shrimp and shrimp and lobster quesadillas and creole roasted goat cheese with big pepper crackers. So GOOD!

Then we took off across the street to the Wolfchase Galleria, the big fancy mall that Casey references often in her blog. Casey explored Sephora (which in that store I have no clue where to start. I know nothing about make-up and there are rows and rows of options.) We then went to Victoria Secret so I could get some Lovespell but instead we stood there and exclaimed about how expensive the bras. Casey was considering one but decided she would feed her family that week rather then be properly lifted. From there we made out way to Forever 21. I LOVE that store for their jewelry section. So inexpensive. I actually ended up a gray nail polish, a chunky glitter nail polish, a pack of lip balm, and to nose pore strips and wrinkle reducers patches for under the eyes (I will let you know if I look like the teenager I was acting like last night once I try these).

The child in me continued to lead the way last night right into Build-A-Bear. Just for fun, I picked out a bunny that I named LaLa. The customer service lady was awesome. She did not make my experience any less exciting because I was adult. She lead me right through the process and treated me just like the kid I was acting like:) Casey and I had fun shopping for LaLa's outfit and accessories.

After that I had the revelation that this would be the perfect opportunity to do "Ellen's Dance Challenge". The best idea of the night! I talked Casey into going up behind a lady sitting at her computer and getting her groove on behind the lady. The whole point being that you dance with or around these people without them actually noticing you. We filmed each other doing this and laughed so hard. Seriously I was laughing so hard that it was a silent laugh. After dancing behind one of our innocent victims I looked over to the Brookstone Store and one of the employees was laughing and cheering us on. It was funny. It took a little bit of gut and pushing through our embarrassment but it was pretty hilarious. You should all try it.

We then left the mall and went to Barnes and Noble. I adore that place. I could spend the entire day there. We browsed and made some purchases (including some Cheesecake Factory chocolate cheesecake for later). By then our appetites were back and it was dinner time. We settled into a booth at Joe's Crab Shack. I would eat at Joe's weekly if it was close enough. They have my perfect food. Shellfish. I love nothing more. (I know lots of eewing and gagging from some of you simple palates.:) Casey and I were in food Heaven. I got the Big Alaskan Steamer (I think that is what it was called) It came with a whole steamed lobster and crab, shrimp, sausage, corn on the cob and potatoes. It was soooooooooooo gooooooooood!!! I ate every last bit (except for 2 of the new potatoes). Casey had crab and mussels and scallops. We laughed at pictures that we took of each other and just enjoyed being there. Then Casey mentioned we probably needed 2 more friends. hahaha I guess I was not as entertaining as I thought I was. So we are taking applications if anyone is interested.

That is where we parted. Casey drove home and I walked across the street back to my hotel. (I originally booked the room thinking Casey and I would share it but she did not want to have to wake up really early to get home before Cody started work)

I watched the end of Toddlers and Tiara...why? WHY?!?! Then I pulled out my new nail polishes and watched the latest episode of the Bachelor online while I painted my toenails and fingernails. (I know, I know Julie wants to poke her eyes out when she thinks of watching the Bachelor). I think I started watching it so I could talk about it with all the ladies. It offers nothing of value...yet I am addicted and have to see it through to the end. While I have always liked Kasey B...I find my self pulling for Emily. But I am sure I will change my mind next week:)

Then I read more in my book. At 1:30 a.m. I finally went to sleep. And now it is 10:00 am and I just finished taking in some Kelly Ripa and am now going to go shower to avoid listening to the uber annoying ladies on The View. EEEW...talk about wanting to poke your eyeballs out...I want to rip my ears off when all those ladies are talking at once.

Don't be jealous. Go have a girls day yourself. Just don't get too sophisticated and show me up!

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