Raining Petals

Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Things for Friday

1. I am linking up with Women in the Scriptures to do Five Things for Friday. I have a really hard time sitting down and blogging anymore...so when I read her post I thought...I can do this...and now. So here you go:)

2. Josh just left to go camping for Scouts...they go once a month. It caught me off guard that I got a lump in my throat after he drove off. I love him. So while he is gone...I am going to my friend Cathy's house for some girl time and Carter is coming along for some play time(all the wives of the campers are invited to come). Two of the ladies that I know of have never seen "The Holiday"...so I am taking it and I am excited to share such a fun chick flick!

3. Today Josh and I went and surprised Carter by having lunch with him. The little kids in his class are so cute and get just as excited about us coming as Carter does. They just talk and talk and talk and ask us all kinds of questions. It was fun and smelled just like school lunch smelled 20 years ago...seriously...20 years ago I was eight. I can say "20 years ago..." I am getting old;)

4.. I finished Carter's Christmas shopping for the most part today...AND he was with me! I give myself total props because he has absolutely no clue! It was awesome because I let him walk the aisle and a couple of the items that he totally flipped over I just picked up behind him and put them in the cart and covered them with a pair of pajamas. I LOVE Christmas shopping and I especially love buying toys...I have just as much fun as Carter does. He also picked out his Halloween costume for next year at 75% off...a swamp monster.

5. I am having a hard time not getting in tot he Christmas spirit:) I want to decorate right now! And no...I do not want to overlook Thanksgiving but can't I decorate for Christmas AND be grateful and have a feast? I think I can. (but not sure if I will...because I also don't want to get tired of the decorations by the time Christmas comes) I think I am over thinking this.

Okay...that is all. I am off!! Happy Weekend everyone!


Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

Wow, i am so impressed you have even started Christmas shopping. I always tell myself I am going to start early but always panic the last few weeks. It sure would make the holiday better if I got it done early.

Katie and Dustin said...

Man you have some good stuff on your blog. Where have I been. I love your stories they are so funny! And I can't wait for Christmas TOO!!! So much joy and cheer in the air. I like the Family Home Evening lessons link. And I read your talk - you are such a good friend talking me up the way you did. It made me smile and thankful to have such a great friend. Good job on getting your Christmas shopping done what a relief that would be! I need to start!

Lisa said...

I am loving Christmas shopping too! (My goal is to be completely done before December 1 so I can ENJOY the weeks leading up to Christmas.) Peter told me today that he needs to go get my gifts, and I realized that I'm having way more fun getting my kids' things than figuring out what we grownups will unwrap Christmas morning. It's all I can do not to open Lily's toys and play with them early.

I too am tempted by breaking out the Christmas decorations early. I'm usually pretty strict about no Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving, but now I'm changing my thinking. Starting early just means more time to enjoy and less rush and stress, right?