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Monday, April 16, 2012

Donuts with Dad

Last week Josh was invited to Carter's to school to participate in "Donuts with Dad". It took place bright at early at 8:00 am.
Carter had made Josh a tool belt with some hand made projects that said things like "Dad deserves a big hand" and "Best Dad I ever saw!"(on a cut out of a saw that was then placed in the tool belt.) It was cute. Carter also drew a picture of himself and his Daddy riding 4 wheelers over at our friend's house. We did that 2 weeks ago and apparently it was the best day of Carter's life thus far. Josh made a mental note to take him again really soon.

Carter's teacher had a questionnaire filled out with all of Carter's answers. Here it is:

My Dad Is Special!

My Dad is special because he works hard to take care of us.

How old is your dad? maybe 25.

How strong is your dad? He can pick up a van.

What color is his hair? Brown, just like mine    (except it isn't? Carter has darker hair...Josh is more blond)

What color are his eyes? Brown    (except they are hazel. I guess we need to work on our colors???...or just actually have him look at Josh  really close...haha)

What do you do that makes your dad happy? be good at school.

What do you do that makes your dad mad? get on red or break his tools.

What does your dad like to watch on T.V.  Criminal Minds  (this one is funny to me because it has been over a year since Josh has                  watched an episode of that)

What does your dad like to eat? Mexican Food

What does your dad do best? Work.

Signed by Carter on 4-5-2012

Here are a few of my own questions that I am going to ask Carter right now...

If Daddy could go anywhere in the world where do you think he would go? Arkabutla (the lake just up the road from us. Josh asks us if we want to go here often)

Does Daddy have a favorite color? Green, blue, and red.

Who is Daddy's favorite person? Me     Who Else?   (points at me)

What is Daddy's job? He works, he works at Memphis and works at people's trailers

What do you like the most about Daddy? He is my favorite daddy because he is nice to me and we play together.

How much do you love him? a hundred and two thousand.

Carter really does love his daddy and looks up to him in all he does. He wants Josh's approval and wants to know Josh is proud of him. They often wrestle and chase and can be heard playing a game called "Partner"  where they talked in deep, raspy voices and are cowboys. They will go on walks while playing this game and talk in their "partner" voices about the things they are seeing.

Currently, Josh is an assistant coach on Carter's baseball team so they have been going to practices together as the season is just getting started. Josh will take Carter out to the big grassy field in front of our office and pitch to him while Carter practices hitting the ball. Carter is actually really good at coach pitch. It has surprised me because he was never very good at hitting from the tee. Josh has been very proud.

Other things Josh and Carter like to do together is go fishing, watch cartoons, and play with Legos. Carter will also tag along with Josh while he is doing landscaping and maintenance on our properties. For Carter's future wife's sake I hope he picks up a lot of the handy man skills that Josh possesses as he tags along.

My hope is that these two continue to stay close and build an even stronger relationship that will get them through the teenage years (which I already fear greatly). I hope they build traditions together and that they both will look back fondly on Carter's childhood and the memories they are making. I hope Carter sees and appreciates the example that Josh sets as a righteous Priesthood holder in our home and as a hard worker. I hope he sees Josh's kindness towards his fellow man and his quickness to serve and want to emulate that. Carter definitely has a good man to look up to and I could not ask for a greater blessing than that.


Jennifer said...

"one hundred and two thousand." I love it!

Casey Wootton said...

I love Carter so much. Josh is a great dad too. I didn't know Josh was the assistant coach too, awesome!!