Raining Petals

Saturday, March 17, 2012


 " A Lucky Little Leprechaun 
Came by late last night
He could not seem to awaken you
Though he tried with all his might. 

So, he decided to play a little game
And he hid you a fun surprise!
Find these Lucky Shamrocks
and at the end you'll claim your prize!"

So I absolutely had no plans to do something for St. Patrick's day. We never did growing up and it just is not really a "holiday" that is on my radar. BUT...I heard about all the stuff other moms were doing and felt sorry for Carter that he doesn't have one of those moms. So I fixed it. I ran to the Dollar Store last night before closing and picked out a couple things for the treasure hunt. I already had all the decor because I am using it for a party on Wednesday for mutual. After Carter fell asleep I quickly threw some decorations up.Then using a piece of green poster board I had lying around, I cut out some "lucky shamrocks" and came up with a treasure hunt. I do take full credit for the above little rhyme because I wrote it and am proud of it. Josh told me I should publish it. Hahaha...how does one go about publishing a treasure hunt rhyme!? If we could figure it out I would make millions for sure...oh they are already plastered all over Pinterest and the blogging world? Oh okay...never mind then.

Carter prayed several nights ago that he would be blessed to see a leprechaun. hmmm...I told him several days before that that leprechauns are not real. They are a myth. He doesn't believe me...especially after the little guy decorated the house last night.

The streamer pictures show what Carter saw when he woke up. He was so surprised and excited about it. And apparently sitting in a tote is much more comfortable and cozy than sitting on the couch.

I then went HERE and printed off these cute tags and made a little card with the a quote from the visiting teaching message on the back and took it and a St. Patty's cupcake to one of the ladies I visit teach. 
That blog is super cute and has lots of fun ideas. I am grateful for all the people who post freebies to print and use. It sure is awesome to be able to hop online and find cute stuff to use all for free! You still have time to print these off and pass them out to people you like...who wouldn't want to be handed a cute little card with this saying on it?! There are many, many people that I am lucky to know!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


Casey Marie said...

That's so awesome! I wish I was one of "those" moms too. I see pictures of people who make their kids milk green or their pancakes shaped like shamrocks and I think "Oh darn, I didn't do any of that". Good job!

Liz said...

Yup, I'm one of those moms, too. Darn Pinterest, making us feel like we have to do fun stuff all the time! ;-)

Shelby said...

That's awesome! We didn't do anything at all for St. Patrick's day, and Reese was a little disappointed that she didn't find gold like last year!