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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Favorite Things Volume 3

I got some new nail polish and wanted to share how much I love it...so then I thought...time for a favorite things post! If you have a chance to do one please do because these are some of favorite posts to read...to see what other people love!!

 This is my blue chair. It sits in my living room. I love it every time I look at it or sit in it. It is comfortable and cute! It is from Ashley furniture. 

 I ran across this book in Walgreens and picked one up for my family. I liked it so much that I also gave a couple of them as gifts! I saw they are on clearance for only $5.99 right now. If you love Charlie Brown and the music from the show then run out and get this book to pull out next season.
 Goodfrau.etsy.com. LOVE! I believe I ordered from Emily at least 4-5 times over the year if not more. Cutest invitations and she can customize for any occasion. 

 MAURICES!! Love their jeans...love their shirts...love their sweaters...just love. Maurices has been on my previous favorite things list and is still going strong. I swear their clothes are made for me. 
This stuffed animal and book was Carter's Christmas Eve gift. We love it! Jingle the puppy recognizes certain phrases you say and responds. Made by Hallmark. There are other animals and I believe different books for the season. I need to check it out and get the other books for Jingle because we love it!

I have a million and five different lip glosses. I LOVE the Glazewear Sparkle from Avon. I tried one of the "Shine" but did not love it anywhere close to the Sparkle line. In this picture the Sparkle is the last one. I also love Avon...I only order the items on sale which makes for super inexpensive make-up plus it helps support a friend who sells it. Win-Win!

 I love Scentsy so much I would consider selling it if I did not know at least a dozen people who already do. I just ordered 6 bars and am completely in love with "Lucky in Love" It smells sooo nice. It smells exactly like "Love Spell" from Victoria Secret and I just love the way it smells throughout my house. I have also used the Central Park Pralines which is awesome when you want your house to smell like something yummy is baking. I also just got the "Victoria" warmer and love the way it looks in my house:)
 MelaGel is a miracle to me. So much so I am trying to stock pile it. I have burned myself pretty badly several times over the past few months (occupational hazard:) and I quickly ice the burn then hurry and put MelaGel on...instantly the burn feels better. Seriously...does not hurt anymore. One burn should have blistered and hurt for days. (I poured boiling sweet and sour sauce over my hand by mistake)...it hurt sooo bad. I put the Melagel on and the pain went away and within a couple of hours it was not even red anymore. We also use MelaGel on cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and skin irritations. I never want to be without this stuff. 
 This is the nail polish I was referring too at the beginning of my post. It is Essie Lux Effects. It is too expensive for my tastes. This bottle costs me $8.00 at Walgreens...I think it is a few cents cheaper at Target. I NEVER spend that much on nail polish. BUT...I kept stopping to look at it every time I went into the store and decided I would splurge. LOVE it!! It is glittery and glam and looks like New Years Eve to me! So fun and sparkly. I also like it because you can't really mess it up and you can't see how bad of a nail polisher I am...I am pretty horrid...but this stuff is so fun! I am going to go back and get it in the silver color. 

Netflix is still holding strong on my list as well. We do not have TV channels or cable. We are a strictly Netflix household. I don't use it to rent movies by mail...the one I do have I have had for a year now...I should probably send that back. We do the instant streaming through our Wii. I love that we can watch TV shows at our pace and that Carter has a humongous selection of kid flix to choose from. After Carter goes to bed Josh and I like to watch a TV episode or two before bed. It is something we enjoy doing together and is nice wind down time. I do hope in the future they get a broader, better movie selection for their instant streaming...but the TV show selection is pretty awesome. 

 These are my "go to" earrings. I love my little pearls and go to them often when in a hurry or don't want to wear anything too fancy or bling-y or hang-y. I quite adore them.  (not real pearls mind you...cheap is better for me)

And last...my rings:) I still love them...A LOT. I have made myself one in every color and they are so perfect to just throw on with any outfit. I always get people ogling them and grabbing my hand to survey them. So fun!

Okay...that is all for now! Your turn!! I want to see what you are liking right now!


Shelby said...

I LOVE when people do posts about their favorite things and now I'm excited to do my own. I have the pink sparkle nail polish by Wet n Wild and it's one of my top picks too!

Cheri said...

I laughed when I clicked on your blog! You and I must be in a gray/yellow mood because I just changed my blog to that as well. I agree with you on the Maurices pants. I LOVE them, and they are pretty reasonably priced most of the time.

des said...

I love hearing your favorite things too :) SO- I love those rings. I want to order some- you do still sell them right? when I get back home I seriously am going to be on your site ordering them ( I left my wallet in cali or I'd do it now) aLSO...we only do netflix too....what are your favorite shows.??

Casey Marie said...

I was going to say something about your nails when I saw you last, but you walked into the other room too fast and then I forgot. But they were so sparkly and eye catching. I want that nail polish now. :) I have been trying to find a good glittery polish for the past year. 8 bucks is a lot though. I love Maurices pants too. I also love Scentsy and those rings. All good stuff.

Anonymous said...

This is your cousin Katie. I don't have a blog but decided to read yours randomly!! This one is like this website that I have which is really fun called Pinterest.com you should get an account! You can pin and plan your whole life!!!

*LaUrA* said...

@Katie...I do have a Pinterest account!! I get bursts of addiction to that site...haha. Come find me...or I will come find you.

Anonymous said...

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Mindy Pierce said...

Hi Laura! I love that chair from Ashley Furniture and want it. :) Do you have any other info on it, like what is was called or style or anything? It is so cute!