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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hayden's Heroes

Hey Everybody! I wanted to share with you haydensheroes.blogspot.com. This is a little blog dedicated to Hayden Williams, the son of our friends Nathan and Hanna, who passed away last October. He never got to leave the hospital. It was devastating but watching this family and how they coped through this difficult situation was amazing. They are definitely an example of faith, strength, and perseverance. Hanna knew she couldn't just sit still after saying goodbye to Hayden. She immediately got work on organizing an even in his honor and to raise funds for MECP2 research, which is the rare disorder that Hayden suffered from.

Hanna asked me to be a part of the race committee and recruit sponsors and be in charge of the food table. It has been a learning experience for sure and I wish I was better at this! I feel like I have not accomplished much. It is very hard asking people for money and even harder when they say no.

I know I blog often about fundraising and different donating opportunities, and this is one of those. One of the times where if you have even $5.00 extra that you can donate I ask that you do! This is a newer disorder so a lot of research needs to be done and research costs $$$$$$$. All funds raised are going to research and to help the families of other children also suffering from MECP2.

Check out Hayden's blog and read the letter from Hanna and then if you can donate click on the RACE link! What is even better...you can pay $15.00 as a supporter only BUT you get a T-Shirt! I like to always donate in Carter's name and get the T-shirt in his size.

We are also still looking for sponsors for those of you who are able to do more. It would work especially well if you have an on-line business that the participants down here can go to...for $100.00 you can put your business info in all the goody bags that the participants receive.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if anything become a follower of Hayden's blog to show your support! You don't know this family...but I know each of you reading can empathize with them and send them best wishes and prayers. Thanks!

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