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Monday, August 22, 2011


I want to start sharing my church and family stuff so other's can share in my ideas and I would also love ideas from others. It is fun to see what other people do.

Tonight we talked about the importance of families and how to have a successful home.

I got my worksheets from HERE. If you don't have this site bookmarked do it now. Loads of stuff! In fact...I don't even need to share my stuff because you can get it all here...haha. But I am doing it anyway!

We watched this video from LDS.org and then talked about the quotes HERE (have your husband on standby to read when you get choked up about time passing too quickly.)

Then we talked about what it takes to build and maintain a successful family and made goals together. We let Carter set his sweet simple goals and write them down too. Carter loved being my helper and sounding out and reading the "bricks" to tape to the house.

After that we practiced "Families Can Be Together Forever". I am trying to get Carter to memorize it so he can perform parts of it in Sacrament meeting or Relief Society. While singing we colored this picture together. I love Carter's contributions the very most. Pretty soon he will color all inside the lines so right now I love that he doesn't. It was a great, fast and easy lesson. What did you do?

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Casey Marie said...

I don't know how to have family home evening with Atrion. I am going to make a renewed effort to just do SOMETHING!
I'm sad that nobody comments on the blogs that seem to matter the most.