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Monday, August 22, 2011

School Days: Kindergarten Update

So after a tad bit of roughness the first couple days...the second two weeks of Kindergarten have flown by! Carter has done fabulous and comes home happy every day! I have done fabulous and send him off happy every day! I don't know what I was crying about...ME time is AWESOME!

The school bus picks Carter up right outside our front door every morning at about 7:10. He is the last one picked up so they go right to school from our house. He loves riding the bus and is assigned the very front seat with 2 other little boys. They are so small that 3 of them fit in the big seat...how cute huh!

I pick him from school everyday at 2:20-2:40 depending on what time I make it to the car ride line. All the cars have to line up single file in the road until they bring all the kids out and line them up outside. Then they let the first set of cars in...I am guessing maybe 20-30 cars can fit per set. They load up all those cars and then let them leave...then let another set in until all the kids are gone. I considered sending him home on the bus but he would be the last kid dropped off and on the bus for more than an hour. I have guilt thinking about that so we have not tried it. Plus, I really quite like picking him up.

Each week so far they have focused on a letter. They started with "L"...then to "O"...and this week is "G". they learn the sounds and how to write them in upper and lower case. Then on Friday they can bring something from home that starts with that letter for "Show-n-Tell". For "L" Carter took a metal lunchbox with 2 cases to his LEGO Wii games inside. For "O" he took a little Star Wars figurine of Obi-Wan Kenobi (seriously O was hard to find something!).

Last week and this week they also have a color of the day where they need to come dressed in that color. Today was purple day. Carter does have a couple purple shirts. Tomorrow is pink day...I think that is the one color of shirt we are lacking.

Another fun memory for Carter is that the first full week of school they got to bring their Teddy Bears from  home on Thursday and let them have a sleepover at the school. Carter has a puppy from Build-a-Bear that he took. On Friday when the kids came to school all the stuffed animals were hiding! They had to search the classroom until they found their bear (puppy). Carter said his was hiding on a shelf. Then they went to the library and when they came back all of their bears were gone! So they went on a hunt to find them. They ended up in the lunchroom where all the bears were waiting to have a Teddy Bear Picnic. Carter loved it and I thought it was such a fun and cute idea.

Carter loves all of his new friends and tells me about them constantly. I sure know a lot about Logan, Mason, Landon, and Kredarious(sp?) for never having met them. Carter even came home with an award called "The King of Kindness" because he shared his glue with Mason. His teacher said he is always so good and she never has any trouble with him. (but Jaiden sounds like a holy terror and always gets his Bumble bee moved to the red spot and Tristan likes to hit and pull on Carter's ears) other than that it sounds like lots of fun and play.

Then today...after feeling so settled and really getting into the routine of things...I get a letter that says  due to high enrollment of Kindergartners they decided to hire a new teacher and Carter has been selected to move to the new classroom. I wanted to cry just a little bit when I read this. We get to meet the new teacher this Thursday and see his new classroom...so I hope and pray that I like the teacher and that the room is colorful...haha! I also hope one of his best friends moves with him.

For me...I love my new role of a mom with a school kid! I love getting up with him and getting him ready for school. I love packing his snack in the morning and making sure he has things he likes and a little surprise every now and then. I love getting his folder after school and seeing the work he has done and reading the letters from the school. I signed up for everything imaginable and joined the PTA. I will be helping with a book fair coming up in September and I am so excited to get to spend time at the school. I am also going to start going to his class on some Fridays and reading with the kids. I wish I could figure out a way to work at the school everyday...but just not as a teacher...as a helper or something:)

With all my free time you would think I get loads done. Nope. I do the same things I have always done when Carter was in tow...now I just do them by myself. And just because Carter is gone doesn't mean I all of the sudden love cleaning the house the entire day and preparing extravagant meals...much to Josh's chagrin. Sorry sweetie...that is more of a personality trait that I just wasn't born with. Maybe in the next life.

Life is good.


julie said...

YAY! What fun! I can't wait for Ethan to go now. And you are the perfect parent! All the teachers are going to love you and all the help you'll give. Go You!

Ryan and Leah said...

Reading this makes me not dread the girls starting! They start in a week and I have just dreaded them leaving me and growing up!
Glad everything is going well!