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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Man of the Hour

Interview taking place in real time..as I type.
    (Scene: I am sitting on my bed with the laptop and Carter is laying sideways on the bed entangling his feet and arms..already in his jammies)

Me: Excuse me sir, please state your full name:      
    Carter: C. A. R. T. E. R. (spelled it out)

Me: Is that your first or middle name?
    Carter: First..is that right?

Me: What is your full name?
    Carter: I can't do it.

Me: Is it Joshua Carter Van Noy?
    Carter: yes, but I can't spell that.

Me: How are you today?
    Carter: Good! I'm Good!!

Me: Did anything exciting happen today?
    Carter: Yes!! I lost my first tooth!

Me: How did that make you feel?
    Carter: Happy!

Me: Were you nervous?
    Carter: A little bit....AND my other tooth right by the tooth that is nowhere is almost going to come out...the big one. Am I not old yet?

Me: Well I think you are getting pretty old. Can you stop growing?
    Carter: No...I can never. If I eat good food I can grow...if I eat bad food I will get small. In primary I learned that.

Me: Well maybe I should only feed you bad food from now on so you can stay small.
     Carter: Are you just kidding?

Me: What is your favorite movie to watch right now?
     Carter: My mouth can say this really fast so you might not can hear it. (and he spits out Tom and Jerry and Spongebob really fast so it is almost unrecognizable...haha) Haunted Mansion and Jimmy Neutron are also added to the list.

Me: Do you have any friends?
     Carter: yeah...Ethan, Charley Kate, Carson, Nathan, and Dew Drop.

Me: Who is Dew Drop?
      Carter: (giggling) Dew Drop is Carson's middle name. Wait no...Dew Drop is not Carson's middle name...he is a new kid and he is my best friend.

Me: So...who is Dew Drop really?
     Carter: Dew Drop, Dew Drop, Dew Drop...hmmm...Dew Drop is his last name and Laney is his middle name and Alex is his first name.

Me: Will I be able to meet him sometime?
     Carter: Ummm...if you can find him....because he is actually always behind his mom. So you have to look behind all the moms to see if you can find him. And you don't know what his mom or dad looks like. I know his Dad's name. Oh I forgot.

Me: Oh how old are you?
     Carter: I am five and I just lost a tooth!

Me: When is your birthday?
     Carter: June 6th.

Me: What is your favorite thing to do?
      Carter: Play the Wii and watch TV and play with my best friends when they come over aaaannnd sometimes I like playing with my toys and sometimes I snuggle up with my mommy. snuggle up snuggle up snuggle up (said in a funny voice) and O.V. E. but don't type that.

Me: What is your favorite Wii game?
      Carter: Indiana Jones and Spongebob  (at this point he is a wearing a small wire garbage can on his head and is fidgeting madly)

Me: What is your favorite food?
      Carter: oooh Sushi...heeheehee I don't like sushi.

Me: If you could only eat one more food what would it be?
      Carter: mmmmm Spaghetti and Meatballs

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
      Carter: A store shop...Wal-Mart.

Me: you want to be Wal-Mart?
      Carter: I work at Wal-Mart

Me: What do you think you will do at that job?
      Carter: get money  (well said)

Me: Do you want to be done with this interview?
      Carter: No. My mommy helps me get dressed and she plays with me and she always gets in the shower when she wakes up. Are you typing that? Typing whatever I say? I like going to my friend's house. And I like going to McDonald's but it makes me fat. And draw. And color and play with my toys. And I like getting Mohawks. Aaaaannnnd. And that is all. I don't have anything in here. I am done.

Me: Okay thank you!
      Carter: Goodbye (and then he sung a little ending theme song)

haha. Fun boy. My boy. I love you.


Us Bailey's said...

Way too cute!!! I love hearing about all the different things little ones say. Sometimes I wish that adults were as honest as kids are! Keep enjoying that big boy--and tell him congrats on losing a tooth!

Casey Marie said...

Holy crepe! That was hilarious! I seriously just laughed my head off!!! Dew Drop...and he only hides behind his mom! hahaha Genius! I also love that he ended up with a trash can on his head and wants to work at Walmart. What a guy!

Shelby said...

So funny! I love the "are you just kidding?" part!

Liz said...

Oh my gosh. He wants to work at Wal-Mart! And BE a Wal-Mart! That is hilarious!

julie said...

You must be so proud of his Walmart ambitions. Do you not have a Fred Meyer? I would think Josh would teach him the wonders of that store.

des said...

hahaha so cute. he is getting so biG!