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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Dreamed a Dream

Normally I don't post dreams because well...they are not real and many tend to lead to me making out with past boyfriends...or boys I once passed in the hall that weren't friends. What? Yeah. Classy huh.

This morning though I am still reveling in my dream. Such a nice dream.

In my dream I was at a concert of sorts...maybe something like Madrigals in high school but on a slightly bigger scale...maybe at the fair. There were lots of people there and many were from back in the day (high school) and several from my current life.

I had ventured back stage to mingle with my friends who would be performing. As I was talking to them the announcer was saying, "Laura Van Noy is this your husband? Laura Van Noy?" So I peeked around the curtain and Josh was standing there and I nodded my head as my cheeks blushed because everyone was staring at us. Then it hit me and I got all flushed and jittery because Josh was about to propose to me in front of all these people!!

A couple of songs were performed and then Josh was given the microphone. At first I was a little embarrassed because he couldn't seem to get things out right...to make a lot of sense. But then he got sentimental and brought me to tears and THEN he broke out into a love song that he sang perfectly...but not too perfectly. I knew the song until I tried to write about it here...now I can't remember. As everyone was cheering and clapping (and the people in my ward were in the front row laughing their heads off...like rolling on the floor laughing) Josh got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He slipped a ring on my finger and I said "sure" and in my dream I got mad at myself for saying "sure"...that was a stupid answer after such a nice proposal. Then in my dream I kissed the ring first...then wrapped my arms around Josh. I am mad at myself for kissing the ring first...what?!?!

Then we were having our first dance and Josh was dressed as a severely good looking cowboy. In my dream I was like "WHOA!"...and then made mental notes to go shopping today and purchase the exact outfit. Then we started dancing and the crowd joined us.

Awww...such a nice dream.

I think this dream stems from a couple things...

 1. I read too much Pioneer Woman.

 2. Last night I was asking Josh if he thought of other women (I know I am not the only wife to ask this...on occasion) because he was working on a house yesterday and the owner happened to be there working alongside him in her work-out clothes...I did not push any further into the description of said work-out clothes as I was sure I would get more furious by the minute. AND she told him he should come over and have dinner at their house. The NERVE. Somewhere in the discussion Josh said, "Laura, I only walk the line the connects you and me and that is the only line I will ever walk." (this was real Josh...not cowboy dream Josh...but would have been awesome if it was real Josh in the cowboy Josh get-up.)

So I guess his sweet assurance last night led to me getting all mushy and having him express his unwavering love all through the night in my dreams. Dream Josh is a lot more fun at 3:00 in than morning than real Josh who is snoring soundly next to me. But despite what this post may suggest. I still like real Josh best.


julie said...

haha! I laughed out loud when I read that you kissed the ring first. Freak. hahaah. And yes, it all fits together, saying words like "walk the line" makes me think of cowboys too.

Did you see the Modern Family where he helps the hottie get into her locked house?

I'm glad you love Josh. I do too...er...um...if I have a dream about him tonight I'll let you know.

Emily said...

You crack me up. And your blog looks so cute!! You did find yourself a great cowboy.

Casey Marie said...

hahaha That's funny!
Josh is great! I love his response.

Us Bailey's said...

Sounds like a good dream to me! I'd keep remembering it! Good luck!