Raining Petals

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Calling All....

of you who make things with your own genius and talented hands! (or even off borrowed genius but still with your own hands)

I have insanely talented friends...coughDesicoughKatycoughBeckycoughLaracoughetc. (if you aren't named here please keep reading because I am still talking to you).

I am opening a boutique. Which I need to ask...do you like the word boutique? I really like it. To me it sounds quaint, cute, and like I am going to walk in and find something beautiful or cutesy. My sister on the other hand thinks of cobwebs and dust when she hears that word. What comes to your mind. I really truly need to know.

I will give full details soon. But part of my vision is to be an "Etsy Live" shop. Where I live, internet is not as huge and used as much as in the west. It might be for economic reasons but I am not totally sure. Therefore, so many ...and I mean 95% of the people I talk to have no clue what I mean when I say, "oh I got this on Etsy". So, I want to bring pieces of Etsy to my town. But not really Etsy...I want to bring pieces of YOU to my town.

I am looking for those of you interested in having your creations featured in my shop. I only want to start out with 5-10 of your pieces. If they are a hit we will talk more. If they are slower to move...we may never talk again. Totally kidding. But you understand.

Your items should come with a cutesy tag with your design name and website. I am more than willing to send customers directly to you via the web. I hope this will draw people to my shop to discover new designers as well as boost the sales of those of you who definitely have the skill to make money by your designs and creations.

If you are interested please e-mail me at lauravannoy@gmail.com and we will talk more. And don't feel pressured to think this will have to be a big ordeal. If you only want to make 2 things...then 2 things it is and you can choose to never make another item ever. But I hope we both find that this is not the case.

So e-mail me...and if I want some of you and you don't e-mail me...well...I just may come looking for you. So don't think you get off that easy!


julie said...

oh I'm so offended I'm not on that list. Sheesh. One time I made um...well...I'll have to get back to you.

Boutique. I like the word itself. I think of small expensive things that I don't need (or want) at all. For some reason, they have to be little things...in my head of course. Maybe because of Claire's Boutique in the mall...chock full of tiny little junk. :) I think your store will be magnificent though.

Levi and Amanda said...

What a neat idea! Boutique is the way to go, they are all the rage these days :) I tend to make a lot of baby stuff--quilts, nursing covers, burp rags, receiving blankets, etc. If I can find the motivation, maybe I can make some stuff. :)

Katy said...

Boutique is a great word. Do you know another Katy with a 'y'... weird.

Aubrey said...

that is a great idea! I am interested but currently swamped with a few projects.. one including a baby due in 2 months.. but keep me in mind. I have some extra nursing covers sitting around as well.. if you want them to sell just let me know!

Casey Marie said...

For the record, I said "Boutique" reminds me of dust and old lamps.
It also reminds me "Beetlejuice" for some reason. I am not sure.
I love your idea though :)

Bradbury Bunch said...

YOU GO GIRL {snap! snap! snap!}!!!

I'm cheering for you all the way!! I have to say when I hear boutique I also think "CHA-CHING!" overpriced BUT ADORABLE girly girly accessories...I'm sure I have it all wrong! :)

I love your snow day and favorite things post too, I love your blog, i love our crazy memories, but most of all I. LOVE. YOU. Good Luck!! I want to know how it all goes!!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

I think this is a wonderful idea! After I get all situated and find the time, he he...I will. I can work on some small cutsy vintage paintings. I will think some things up. Do you know Real Deals in the Idaho area, well that is what comes to mind with the word Boutique...or hair stuff. I don't know if that is what you are intending, but anyway keep us updated on this project.