Raining Petals

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meet Twisty People and Bouncy Family

Excuse the horrible cell phone pics...but Carter and I wanted to show you what we made today!

Here is Twisty People. Carter named the first one "Carter" and he affectionately named the second one "Carter" as well. He can come up with other names...I think he is just a little egocentric.

Here is the Bouncy Family. Daddy Bouncy, Carter Bouncy, and Mama Bouncy.
You can play with them like little springs hopping along or you can use them as finger puppets.

I was walking by the dollar bins at Target the other day and saw the pipe cleaners and picked up some googly eyes and pom poms from the bins as well. 3 bucks is not too shabby for some good, creative fun. Super cheap and super easy for hours of fun and you can use and reuse them. Some of you probably have this stuff lying around anyhow. I was just super proud of my "moment of genius" because my creative moments are few and far between...I am sure some of you are guffawing at what I call "creative". BUT if any of you decide to try these out do post pictures for me to see! I want to see what little creatures you come up with!


Leah said...

how fun look at you go! Carter looks like he is growing up! I am realy wanting to see some Birthday pictures from the little mans special day!

Ashley said...

That is a cute idea, I think I lack anything creative so I totally copy everyone else! So, thanks for the idearrrrrs. (it is more fun to say idea with an "rs" on the end, if you didnt already know)

Us Bailey's said...

Good job coming up with a project! Don't you love how kids can make the funnest things out of practicly nothing! Your two families are very cute!

Casey Marie said...

Oh that's a good idea! Carter is so cute! I love his cheesy smile and that he named both of those things Carter.

Bradbury Family said...

You guys are so creative! Great ideas that I'll have to remember! :) Carter is so adorable in front of the camera too-I can't even get Lexi to look at me without bribing her with something! Keep having fun, and keep giving me more ideas please!!! LOVE YOU GIRL!!

des said...

awesome! I love the title- you sure had me wondering :) they are so cute....I love making them. they keep us busy. hehe.