Raining Petals

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Quick Word...Or Is It?

I thought I would just write a little update because I have been getting massive amounts of e-mails from my readers asking me to soothe their curiosity as to what is going on in the never ending adventure that is my life. So...

1. I have found a new hobby/interest that I am excited about. I began to feel like maybe I had maxed out my interests in life and could no longer acquire new skills. Back in May I purchased some pots, potting soil, and plants and began to grow my first garden. I started small which has contributed to my success, I am sure. Every time I look out my window and see my bell peppers and tomatoes getting bigger it puts a smile on my face. I also have 2 flower boxes that are just fun. So...so far I have 3 bell peppers, a handful of tomatoes still on the vine and more to come, a cucumber plant that is blossoming, 2 flower boxes, and 4 other flower/shrub type plants that are all flourishing. I did not realize this was something that I liked to do but I really enjoy watering and tending to them. Maybe it is the side of mothering that is easy...feeding them, caring for them, but the plants don't cry and whine or run away from me at lightening speeds into oncoming traffic. Yes, that is it, plants don't give me daily heart attacks.

2. We are in housing limbo. Long story. After finding out we were going to be here for another year I decided it was time to move off-site and become less accessible to our tenants. That is my awesome customer service side coming out. I picked out an apartment and we moved our big items in. Josh had a bad feeling. I told him I would follow his lead. Somehow we were let out of our 14 month lease that we had just signed with no problems(phew!) but in the meantime we had rented our house out and had nowhere to go. So now we are squatting in our office. Our office that is the size of a hotel room. Our office that has no kitchen or laundry hook-ups. Our office that has...well never mind. So we are going over our options and trying to decide really what we want to do. However, as bad as it might sound living in such a small place...I am actually kind of enjoying it. I will have to post longer later on the logistics of the whole thing and how we are making it work...complete with pictures.

3. Carter turned 3!! I have lots of pictures that I need to post. We had a fun time celebrating with him and can't believe how big he is getting! Longer post on that later as well.

4. It is HOT down here!! Right now it is 95 degrees. With humidity it feels even hotter (eek almost had a heart attack as I looked out of the window and saw Carter picking one of my bell peppers...guess that makes what I said earlier obsolete.) So...we have to stay indoors most of the day as it is too hot to even walk to the car in most cases:)

5. Waiting for Atrion to enter the world so that I can go and be a nanny for a little bit and hold a newborn again!

6. Re-addicted ourselves to the TV show 24 after a good 5 year hiatus. We are in season 3 and look forward to watching an episode almost nightly before bed.

7. Getting ready for a summer/fall filled with travel. We have a few destinations on our list and few more in the works. Traveling and seeing stuff I have never seen before is also one of my hobbies. If I haven't discovered a new place (whether that be a new town, store, restaurant, theme park...what have you) in more than a couple of weeks I start to get jittery. Currently I am itching for some place tropical.

8. That's all folks. Not a lot of exciting stuff happens in our lives but we are happy and content and that is all I can ask for!


millerandbrandi said...

He he he...love all your posts! I'm jealous to hear about all your growing plants, can't wait to have my own garden. Good luck with the moving thing...that's rough. Do you know where you are moving to after next year?

Jennifer Dunn said...

Nice to hear from you! And I hope you resolve the homeless situation soon!

Shelby said...

I wanted to try a garden this year, but we decided that with the neighbor's goats, chickens, and rabbits that keep visiting us, it wouldn't have much of a chance. Maybe someday. I'm glad that yours is doing so well. It will be fun to see you when you come and visit!

Liz said...

Hey, you posted! ;-) Good luck with the garden! And I hope moving goes well.

Leah said...

Well at least we now know that you are alive and still kicking!

Des said...

wow, up to lots, I agree with Jennifer, so nice to hear from you. :) I love you. haha. so it's hot???...in many ways I'm jealous of that weather. It's been nice living in Lansing because it has opened my eyes that I want to live out west when I finally settle down. Here is cold! I'm dying to go swimming. but I must admit that Im not jealous of the HIGH humidity you get- man that's gotta be killer. we get some, can't even imagine you.
good luck on your garden!!

Casey Marie said...

If you are too hot then why would Tropical sound good? Just come here. It's very pleasant so far with the rain keeping things cool. Everyone is complaining about it, but most of them aren't 9 months pregnant. I love it.