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Monday, January 5, 2009

I Will Cry If I Want To

I HAD a Birthday Shout HOORAY!!
I Know YOU want to sing to ME today!
One year older and WISER too!
Happy Birthday to Me-uw.

I'm young/old!
So I am not old but I don't really think I am young...so I am like Jennifer on Back to the Future part 2 where her young self runs into her old self and they shriek "I'm young/old" and faint. cept...I didn't faint...or run into a different version of myself. So I guess we can conclude I am not like Jennifer on Back to the future at all.Is anyone constantly disappointed year after year when on your birthday you realize the world does not drop everything and revolve around you for the day? I tend to get pouty on my birthday for things like...say...the girl who sat next to me in 3rd grade did not send me an e-mail wishing me happy birthday. She should totally remember! Or Carter gets defensive the entire day and insists it is indeed HIS birthday and not mine..pa-shaw...whatev!

However, the first day of being 26 was not bad. In fact, it felt like any other Sunday. In the "good news moments" in Relief Society they remembered me...woohoo!! And I got sang to randomly throughout church which made me feel special/awkward.

The best part is when we came home Josh locked me in my bedroom and let me take a luxurious nap while he made sure the kitchen was clean and kept Carter entertained and even got Carter to nap.

Then when I woke up Josh baked me a cake (despite my being grumpy that I didn't have the ice cream cake I wanted) and I cooked my birthday dinner. (Josh only knows how to cook breakfast food so I knew that if my dinner was going to be good then I better make it;)

My dinner turned out PERFECT!...which rarely happens. I made a seafood linguine (I know a lot of you just gagged right then...so many people have an aversion to seafood which I will never be able to understand) My pasta included such marvelous creations as shrimp, scallops, and crab. The sauce was perfecto! I also made a cheesy artichoke bread which is divine!! (I have pictures and I will post the recipe in a later post) The sister missionaries joined us for dinner and it is always great to have them in our home. They even re-gifted me some of the unwanted items in their apartment...like apple jelly and Christmas candy...it is the thought that counts right?

I Skyped with my parents and later with Nate and Megan and Halle. Casey called me as well and I got to wish her a Happy 1st year Anniversary as well. Then Julie called me and we only talked until 2 in the morning and only got interrupted when one of the phones died. Girl talk is a much appreciated birthday gift.

My mom sent me my favorite shoes. I ask her for them every year. I get the same exact pair...wear them for a year and then ask her to buy me a new pair come January. (some of you probably just gagged there too...what?!? Wear the same shoe year round?!?) yep...totally not a shoe person...comfort is my only aim when it comes to covering my feet...so that eliminates 99% of the shoes available.She also sent me a card with money inside. My mom is the best! She is always so generous to me and takes care of us! Thanks Mom! I love you!

Josh's Mom also sent me some money for my birthday and Christmas which I used to buy concert tickets to Brad Paisley. Now I might not be able to tell you what he sings...but I am sure I would recognize it if I heard it. There is a convention center just up the highway from us and I just wanted to go out...to anything...Brad Paisley is the biggest name in January so he is the lucky winner and I am just really excited to go to a concert! Thanks DeAnn...love you as well:)

Katie sent me a birthday card and gift card. What is really funny is that when I opened the card I let out a shriek of amazement because the exact same card and gift card I had just got for her was what she had sent me...totally birthday twins:) (or does that just totally cancel out the gifts...like I should have just kept the card and gift card and she kept the ones she bought and we would have saved on postage) haha! funny funny.

Josh had told me he wasn't celebrating my birthday on Sunday (maybe for the fact he procrastinated and wasn't ready) but this morning I woke up to roses and a birthday card from him and one from Carter...which was hilarious by the way...he drew me some awesome pictures. Josh also made me a little booklet with free passes and date nights and house cleaning and all that good stuff in it...which I love!! We have a goal for 2009 to stop going out to eat (okay well that is Josh's goal because he hates spending money at restaurants but I told him I would do it for him) but he knows I love to go to sit down restaurants...so some of the free passes are for nights out! whooohooo!

and Julie said she has my gift in a box at her house. I'll believe it when I see it. haha Ju-B.

And that about sums it up so far. Josh said it is my birthday week...so we are going to go out and go to a movie one day and I haven't decided what else I want to do.

Despite my self-centered-ness it has been a great couple of birthday days and I am optimistic that this year will be fantastic!


Jennifer Dunn said...

Happy Birthday!

26 is still young. ;) And please don't argue with me on that point, pretty, pretty please!

Shane and Amy Jo said...

Laura...was I that girl from the
3rd grade that didn't remember your birthday? Wait, we didn't go to the same elementry school. Phew!
So, I'm finding that birthdays get less exciting as you get older. C'mon, what's with that?!? I'm glad you've had a good couple of days. Hope the remainder of the week gives you some fun surprises! Happy Birthday you old woman you!

Spicer said...

Happy Birthday! I will be twenty six next month to, and like you I don't know whether to laugh or cry! ohwell life will go on. I am glad to hear you had a good birthday and get to do some fun things with your hubby. We still need to plan a get together at Fiesta Texas!!!:)

Des said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! and so sorry I was one that did gag. haha I don't understand why I have such an aversion either...at least I try it every time trying to get over it. haha. I really want to love it. really. You are awesome to love it.

Shelby said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are so awesome to go and leave comments on my stuff for me--I really appreciate it!

Definitely post the recipe for the cheesy artichoke bread, that sounds so yummy.

I also love Brad Paisley--"She's Everything" and "Mud on the Tires" are a couple of my favorites. I'm not really into going to concerts, but I think his is one that I would really love! LUCKY!

The Greaves Family said...

You had a birthday shout horay!
We want to sing to you today!
One year older and wiser too,
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Laura! 26 IS NOT old! I sent Diane your email address so hopefully you will be getting an invite soon.

julie said...

Happy 26th and one day. And yes, 26 is ancient. You might as well start making burial arrangements. I think it's funny that the definition of old keeps changing. Connie swears 53 isn't old. I think 7 year olds are right. 20 is old. 26 is super old. 53 is mostly dead. Sorry to disappoint.

oh, it was my phone...boo..oh well, it must have known I needed to shut-up.

Liz said...

Nah, 26 isn't old. It sounds very...mature. ;-)
I agree with you and Amy Jo - birthdays are WAY anticlimactic as you get older. I remember waking up on my birthday as a kid and practically having a seizure from excitement. And having everyone in my little world celebrating with me. But do know we all wish you a very happy 26th and I'm sure we could all eat a little cake in your honor.

The tales of Sierra and her friend said...

Happy Birthweek! We love you! You know you are always a young thing to me because no matter what I'll always be older....sigh! Have a great birthweek!

The tales of Sierra and her friend said...

Arrrgh! This is Christine....Sierra now has a blog and I don't always remember to sign in and out...First Deborah now this!

Casey Marie said...

I am 23 and I think that sounds too old to me because I don't feel 23. Not that I know what its supposed to feel like, or anything.
I have been wanting to eat scallops lately. I wonder if its the texture? But they sound good. I am glad it was delicious. That's funny that Josh only knows how to cook breakfast food. :) Also, you need to post Carter's birthday card because I want to see. I am Carter starved and need this!!

I know what you mean about the world not stopping. I mean, I still got phone calls from people looking for apartments on my birthday. Gosh, the rudeness!

Ashley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Yea for being old! I am pretty self centered on my birthday as well, so dont feel guilty ;) I think you have the right to be! I always tell Dave a good while before that he better bake me a cake or I will be ticked...see, I am actually a good wife, I dont set him up for failure...right?! :)
I am glad that you got spoiled! I feel old too and sometimes it bums me out...age is not my friend. I feel like the older I get the duller I become...in every sense...looks, personality...LUCKY husband of mine!! I guess we cant all stay the obnoxious 16 year olds we once were...or can we? :)


The Dayley Fam said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful year!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday Laura! I hope that you have a terrific year! We love you and miss you guys! Your still younger than me so it is all good!

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

This is your birthday song......it isn't very long WOOO! Happy late birthday! And I definitely want to try your seafood dish, I am a seafood lover, not a hater:) And your birthday dinner sounded amazing! Hope you had a great day!

Cheri said...

Happy Birthday Laura!!! I wish I'd known, but seriously, you're talking to the girl who bairly remembers her own birthday. Now if birthdays involved only letters I would remember, but there are numbers too, and I am numerically declined.
So I hope you had an awesome day and I love you!
PS I turn 26 february 10th and I'm pretty excited about my 26th year. I don't know what it is, but I've been feeling incredibly optomistic about 2009 and my big 26!

Cheri said...

PPS: The trick is to marry someone older than you. You see, I may be turning 26, but my husband just turned 30 so no matter what I still feel young! When I turn 50, he will still be 54 so I will still feel young! See?

K said...

Happy Birthday!

Brandi said...

Happy Belated Bday Laura! Brooklyn was in the hospital, so I haven't been able to check blogs lately. We love you guys. Are you planning on coming this way anytime soon? You guys can stay with us, when you do ;)

Us Bailey's said...

Happy Birtday! It's good to be 26! At least I have had a good year! Good luck and I am jealous of your concert tickets!!! Have fun!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday!

Nathan said...

hey! ok so we don't have a costco around us- they are about 40 miles. NAte was on his way to detroit and stopped by to get some essentials and that...but there is one in Twin, no idea if they have one of the leap frog things. and...I just got my stocking :) and I did send brandis- but it is also late. I wrote a big apology letter. I didn't get it in the mail till AFTER our vacation. I'm terrible. but she will get it soon!!

Bradbury Trio said...

HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LAURITA!!! YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!!! I can barely keep up with my family birthdays--but like I said...YOU KNOW I LOVE YA! :) You are the most amazing person ever and so inspiring to so many of us!! Thank you for blogging, for making me smile every time I read one of your posts! Luv You Laurita! MUAW! MUAW! Cheers to 26 years old!!!

John and Anna said...

So, I cried on my 26th, 25th, oh wait, yeah all my birthdays since I turned 21. It just feels good I guess. But really, I have growing old anxiety I think. When I really think about it though. We're young still! I'll keep telling myself that if you will! :)

Annie & Jake said...

Happy birthday, Laura!

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday! I told Lindz to send an invite to you.

Alli said...

Ok so I suck.. but I hope you had a wonderful Birthday anyhow. If it makes you feel any better I am four months older.. I have been 26 for a while now its not so bad. Its really just a number I still feel 21.. Sometimes I forget how old I am..