Raining Petals

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Idols? hmmm...

I watching American Idol tonight and some of things people said had me laughing out loud...this one girl in particular was just clueless. I just had to post some of the stuff that was said.

"Hello Simon" (clearly looking at Randy)

"Can I sing the song one more time because the first time it came from the wrong rectum"

"I shouldn't have let Paula, Simon, and Randy IRAKITATE me!"

"They made me feel like on of those auditioners who can't sing"

"I'm going to win and then win again and then win again and then the end"

Ryan: "The trachea" Girl: "Oh I thought is was tray-she-uh"

Ryan: "That is right out of health class" Girl:"No, this is off the internet"

I can't help but think this stuff is scripted...but at the same time I have come across many people like these peeps in my days. People are funny. And just plain weird. I'm trying to refrain from saying Stupid....umm.


Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

sometimes, I wonder too about the scripted thing. You can totally tell the people who just want their 15 min of fame!

Jennifer Dunn said...

You know, there is definitely a LOT of diversity out there! Sometimes I feel like I've seen it all, and yet I am constantly surprised by people--especially those Idol wannabes!

Lara said...

Ha ha! These were all things that I texted to one of my friends while we were watching it.
**sigh** I love weird people.. (bat eyes)

Lara said...

Oh and I felt bad for the poor girl that got erakicktated. If only she would've sung with her lower cartlidge and her left lung (and don't forget the right rectum)she would've blown them away.

Lara said...

... as wrong as that sounds... ahem..

Christine said...

Craig and I enjoyed that one as well..