Raining Petals

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New Year...Same old goals

In 2009 I have some goals...while a few areas of focus will deal with down-sizing...in most areas I hope to grow! My aspirations are:(in no particular order)

To shrink my waist...and my thighs...and my butt...and my etc, etc, etc.
To increase the amount of stuff being stored in my brain
To magnify my spirit
To lengthen my stride
To advance in creativity
To step-up my determination
To heighten my self-esteem
To share my faith
To propagate the family name...or at least have the process started!
To augment our income...while abating our spending
To improve upon my skills as a student and excel in my classes
To design and bring to pass a magnificent creation with my sewing machine...or at least learn how to use it
To assemble a family history book
To go to on a trip/cruise with my hunk of burning love (would that be Josh or Lindor Truffles?...or the fact that I said "hunk of burning love" might cancel my worthiness of cruising)
To not let the unimportant things hinder my progression and to realize everyday where my priorities lie.
To never be insentient
To care about myself and others but not care about what others think of myself
To have an upsurge in patience and not be so quick to frustration
To escalate my parenting skills
To purge negativity from my speech
To dip into more non-fiction, uplifting, self-helping books
To get a kick out of the journey (sounds a little more passionate than *enjoying*)
*To use the thesaurus much more often to try and sound intelligent*;)

And lastly but certainly the furthest from the least... To develop a more profound relationship with my Savior(if I do this all the other stuff will fall into place...so I will start here!)

So these are just some of the things I have had on my mind for a while...I need to write it down and hold myself accountable! So often I get wrapped up in the minutiae of life and it starts to weigh me down and keep me from doing what I know I really should...over the next year I need to keep in mind and become an expert on what is good, better, and best. I think so often I am doing so much good in life that I am overlooking what is best...I am sure some of you know what I mean! (I am not even going to mention blogging...oh I mean...oops!)

Happy New Year to you all!! We are definitely partying tomorrow with friends and stuffing our faces before we have to be accountable...because for one last day my goals are null and void until the 1st. Sounds like I am setting myself up for some true success;)

Hope you all have a face-stuffing, game-playing, belly-laughing, whistle-blowing, confetti-throwing, lip-kissing day!


Casey Marie said...

Holy Frickin goals! Boy are you an imperfect being! haha. I was just kidding. I figured I would give you a jumpstart on the "Don't worry about what people think of me" goal. Those are good goals. I have had a few in mind that I should probably type up. But first I must satiate a craving for eggs and toast.

Brandi said...

That is one long list of goals! Good for you though! Hey Matt said you tried to talk to him the other night through MSN messenger. He was on the XBOX and couldn't respond, and felt bad! Happy New YEAR!!

julie said...

Oh you crack me up..Hunk of burning love..who came up with that anyway? And I think you got the smart words goal down? Insentient?! I had to look that up! Good luck, I need to make my list. Even if it doesn't last long, it's a tradition I like.

Shelby said...

Yes, it looks like you've already been working on the thesaurus goal--you're already ahead of the game!

Cassie said...

Good luck with all those goals! It helps me when I write goals down on my "To Do" lists which I make about twice a week. I get more done that way. Happy New Year!

munge said...

Those are worthy goals. It reminds me of when I converted from the Baptist religion to LDS. In the Baptist religion, its real simple - "Believe on the Lord, Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved." It really doesn't matter what you do, just as long as you believe. When I was baptized into the LDS church it was like they said, "OK, good job, now - you just have to do this.." - and a 6 foot piece of parchment is unrolled with all of the things you need to do - "..and you will go to the celestial kingdom." I think that parchment is titled Enduring to the end. Anyway, life is a highway with constant road work.

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Laura, you had me laughing so hard, I want my new years list to be your new years list, everything you listed I was like......me too! Maybe I will just copy yours (MWAAA HAAA HAAA!)(evil laughing)(HA!) Hope you have a great New Years Party!!!!!

Us Bailey's said...

Happy New Year!!!! Good job on the goals! Can I just steal yours!!! I have yet to make any. I guess right now they are to not loose my mind quite so often while our life gets figured out! Since I am sure most of us have the goal to shrink our waists this year-- it would be fun to have a biggest loosers blog style! Might be fun-- your the creative one of us so let me know what you think!!!

Jennifer Dunn said...

"New Year...Same old goals," I couldn't have put it better myself. You are too funny!

Lara said...

I am such a bad goal setter. This inspired me, though. And I LOOOVE your new header. You've got one handsome boy, lady!!

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

I know it is late but Happy Birthday! I hope all of your wildest dreams came true! I guess the present I sent got lost in the mail...And as Julie stated...you do get the smart words goal...both you and Casey. Too bad your smarts didn't rub off on to the Allen girls...well girl. Oh yes and I did my goal for the day..sit ups. And I can already feel the soarness coming on. And I didn't do very many at all! HA! I like your mom's comment. She has so much wisdom!

Bradbury Trio said...

YOU GO GIRL! (snap, snap, snap) If you don't mind me adding just ONE on this list....and please feel free to do the same to mine if I ever do get around to posting a new year resolution post! But please add *POSTING A PICTURE OF YOURSELF ON YOUR BLOG* I don't know...I just want to see you! And I guess through blog world it's easier if I can see you with a click of a button, someday I do plan on seeing you in person however! Maybe Nick and I will take a roadtrip down south sometime!! :) Good Luck with your goals--once again--you inspire me!!!