Raining Petals

Monday, December 1, 2008

Stocking Exchange the Remix

Okay...so this is basically what I wrote in the last post...so all of you who flocked to this post because of my oh so exciting title...sorry to disappoint:) Below is how the drawing came out for the stocking exchange...I already have all of my items and just have to put it together! I am excited for a surprise!

Laura gives to Lara S.

Lara S. gives to Casey W.

Casey W. gives to Amanda Day.

Amanda Day. gives to Desi F.

Desi F. gives to Brandi M.

Brandi M. gives to Laura V.

So girls...just comment letting me know you got this and that you are still participating!

**Lara...e-mail me the address you would like your stocking sent to!**..and then I can e-mail you my sister's address (Casey)....and Brandi I am so excited!! Thanks to you girls for participating! Lara and Desi...I used your maiden last name initial in the last post...hope it didn't confuse you;) Old habits die hard!


julie said...

Great Post, I absolutely LOVED it!

Haha, just teasing, but I do LOVE you all the same.

millerandbrandi said...

YAY, I am excited to send you a gift!!! I just send it to the address you emailed me last week, right? And, when are we sending them?

The Dayley Fam said...

I'm still in! Just send me the address I need to send it to and I am good to go! :-)