Raining Petals

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blog Frog and $200.00

I want to win a 200.00 Target gift card so I am telling you about Blog Frog.

I have added a few of their applications on my page and I really like the chat wall and the visitor widget. Their blog roll thingy does not update as quickly or completely as the Blogger one...so hopefully they will fix that. You can also register at Blog Frog and put your high school and then find other people from your high school who have blogs...which is nice...except there are only like 3 people on there right now. ;) Anyways...check it out...but don't post on your blog about it because I want to win the gift card and I don't need anymore competition. Or better yet...all of you post but commit first to giving it to me if you win.

Thanks. And Goodnight.


Brandi said...

Laura, you make me laugh. I love reading your blog

Rusty and Tara said...

I like the no competition thing- that was good!

Just to clarify- some High Schools have over 300 listings, it just depends on the High School!

We're working on the NewsFeed updating faster- just need more computer horsepower.

If you or your readers think of any other social features they would like, just let me know at rustin@theblogfrog.com

Rustin Banks
Creator of TheBlogFrog

Us Bailey's said...

Very fun- I'll have to check it out!

Christine said...

whoops, I posted a button on my blog before I read the anti competiton rule. I love the fact that there is finally an easy search for blogs! Hopefully this will take off. The two hundred bucks is yours! Our highschool has like 40....but alas all the old geezers like myself apparently don't blog.