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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stocking Exchange Part 2

I was going to draw names today and tell participants who has who...but I was a little confused as to who actually wanted to do it...so I will list the names I am fairly certain are participating...and then if you want to participate and do not see your name here let me know in the next day or two.

Price Limit: I was thinking 20.00/25.00 price limit...this doesn't have to be super extravagant gift giving...just some fun items and some of your favorite things to share with the person you get. Don't go too over bored and don't fret over creativity or getting the perfect thing...this is a NO pressure stocking exchange. (of course you don't have to spend that much...especially if you are crafty and can make stuff...which I can't...:()

Participants (thus far)

1. ME! Woohoo!
2. Brandi M.
3. Desi H.
4. Casey W.
5. Amanda D.
6. Lara B.

Nickie and Angie...I wasn't sure if you were a YES or not...let me know! Anyone else want to join in the fun!!?!?!?

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