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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I am waaaayyy behind...I thought I better get these posted before the year's end. Carter was a chicken for Halloween...we recycled last year's costume and guaranteed if the costume fits next year Carter will transform into a Chicken 3 years running...he does make for some cute poultry.

Carter was sooooo much FUN this year! We had the best time. Daddy drove the car while Carter and I went from house to house. Carter was mesmerized with all the decorations and screeching witches and howling ghosts. Some things were a little scary to him but for the most part he loved it. He said "Hello!" to every skeleton and Jack-O-Lantern he passed and had to touch them too. He also carried on conversations with homeowners, standing in their doorway until I dragged him away to the next house. Carter said "Trick-or-Treat" perfectly and always said "Thank You" and provided some good "ooohs and ahhhhs" for effect.
After an hour and half to two hours I noticed he started to lag and was starting to ask to be carried. I myself am a die hard trick-or-treater and had another good hour or two left in me. I was hoping to instill this same intensity to Carter...I mean FREE candy!! I think he did really well though. Eventually I asked him if he was all done and he said "YEP! GO HOME!"As soon as he got buckled into his car seat he was out!
As hard as I worked for this candy I don't think I got more than 2 pieces. Good thing. I think we ended up giving most of it away again at our ward Halloween Bash (hosted by yours truly)

One Saturday we went out to Cedar Hill Farms to pick a pumpkin and enjoy all the farm had to offer. It is beautiful land and they had a petting zoo, pig races, hay rides, playground, chicken puppet show, etc. We spent a good couple of hours there and loved it! Carter found his perfect pumpkin and I think we just barely threw it out a couple of days ago. He called his pumpkin "Baby Pumpkin Patch" and would pat it and hold it whenever we went outside.

The perfect pumpkin with an imperfect price. Next time we are going to Wal-Mart. This 6 dollar beauty never even got carved!

Lance and Becky were our first official visitors...and most likely our last until my parents come during Spring Break. We were thrilled they stopped by on their move back across the country. Carter still asks "Where Lance and Becky go?"
My little man. I love that he is at an age where he can get so excited and participate in holiday activities.

Just for my notes...Josh and I are the activity chair in our ward, therefore, we planned the Halloween Bash. We had it at a member's farm....a good hour or so drive from our house...ugh. The farm is BEAUTIFUL...when you get out of the car you just want to roll all over the ground and soak it all in...it just makes you feel that good! We had a bonfire and hayrides and 2 pinatas. We roasted hot dogs and had smores. Then we did the trunk-or-treat and went home. We had a really good turn out of more than 100 people and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. Carter stayed on the hayride the ENTIRE time. I am not even kidding. Luckily...there are plenty of people who have taken a liking to Carter and agreed to be his buddy throughout the night so that I could take care of hosting responsibilities. I don't have any pictures...but I know someone was taking them there so I will have to hunt them down and get copies. All in all it was a fantastic Halloween!!


Casey Marie said...

Oh my goodness! I just love him so much! I want to snuggle him. I bet he doesn't snuggle much anymore, huh? I miss you guys too much. Come home!

Shane and Amy Jo said...

It's nice to see pics of your little man. I forget how darn cute he is! So, you won't be in Twin for Christmas???

Liz said...

Oh my gosh! I can't remember the last time I saw Lance. How fun that must have been!
I really liked reading the blurbs about Carter on the side of your blog - I might cheat off you for my blog. :-) He is such a handsome little boy!

Jennifer Dunn said...

Wow, I am always so impressed with anyone who is called to Activities, and pulls off anything...it sounds like your Halloween activity was amazing!!! Good for you!

And I have to agree with everyone that Carter is quite a handsome fellow!

Annie & Jake said...

Wow, Carter is looking so grown up! What a handsome little boy he is! I'm glad you guys had a fun Halloween.

julie said...

Carter is BEAUTIFUL! I love his long hair. He's super cute with short too, but I am fond of the shag. I got your Christmas present. LOVE YOU!

I just felt like seriouslysoblessed.

Us Bailey's said...

Laura -- Carter is absolutly adorable!!! I love the costume and I really like the train/tractor thing that he was on! I want to come down and take pictures on it!
By the way-- I am still attempting to get Christmas cards out and need your address! PLEASE!:)

Germán said...

Hey, its Lance! Ok, for the confused, you are in Mississippi? How is that working out? Every make it up to TF? I need to know these things!

Jenete said...

What a cute Chicken! Carter can really pull off the poultry look! Looks like you had fun with Lance and Becky too. Cross-country driving is always an adventure but more fun when you can stop to visit friends along the way:)

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

He is so cute Laura! I haven't seen pictures of him for a little while and he is so big now and so cute! On a side note today at lunch I look over and Michael is trying to stick the corn on his plate into his ears...luckily I got to him before he got it in..thus confirming that Carter and Michael should be best friends and maybe even long lost brothers...:)

Alli said...

He is so cute. I love the recycled costume. Jackson will probably be doing the same if his fits next year too. Your Christmas Cards are so much fun.. It was the second one we got this year so the other one has a friend now... Thank you so much.. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas... Can't wait to hear all about it.

Bradbury Trio said...

Your Carter bug is such a handsome boy, (and will someday break girls hearts....please talk to him about that, to let them down easy....)I love seeing pictures of him, even if they are a couple months late! LOL Your ward party sounds AWESOME!! And actually has me craving hot dogs and smores right now!!

I love you Laura, and your blog!