Raining Petals

Monday, December 15, 2008

Journal Entry: Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving came and went very quickly. Josh went a played the Turkey Bowl at 8:00 in the morning (ugh!) while Carter and I slept in. When Josh came home he brought the stack of the coveted Black Friday ads and we scoured them while catching the end of the Macy's parade. We were then thankful to be invited to one of our tenants/fellow ward member's house for the big feast. I was actually going to cook a meal for just the 3 of us because I thought I needed some practice...but having to not cook at all sounded like a better option. We left very quickly after eating because I grow weary very quickly when having to defend off Carter from all their breakables and knickknacks. Carter refused to sit still and just made the rounds from one porcelain object to the next and clamped his jaw shut tight when I tried to insert food. No Thanksgiving Dinner for him this year. The rest of the day was spent lounging around the house like it should be and Skype-ing family. Is was just a very easy going day and we enjoyed it.

That following Saturday we were invited to another Thanksgiving dinner that our friends host every year for people without family near by. This one we actually spent a few hours at because they have a son a few months younger than Carter and they keep each other entertained. Carter did walk away with some war wounds, however, because the other boy does not talk much...he scratches. I am always surprised though because at home Carter will beat up Mom and Dad but he no longer puts up much of a fight with other kids. He will scream at them though. I am glad he has grown out of biting and hitting and all that good stuff that he once did.

Oh and my highlight is that I baked a pumpkin pie for my very first time and entered it in a community pumpkin pie contest...and I won!! I wasn't at the event but Josh was and brought me home my prize (a 20.00 Sonic gift card...20.00 cash would have made me a whole lot happier...but any prize will do) I think I actually got 3rd place but there is no need to be technical. (and Josh said there were at least 20 pies there!) Funny thing is...neither Josh nor I really liked the way my pie tasted...but the Troop of Boy Scouts (the judges) really did...so I felt pretty pleased with my culinary skills that day:)

I hope next year we will be with family...that is what really makes Thanksgiving...well...Thanksgiving.


Cheri said...

Sweet, I'm a big pumpkin pie fan. I love to make them and I always put a ton more spice into them because that's how I like it. Unfortunatly no one in Brett's family are big pumpkin pie eaters so I ended up scarfing down the two pies I made with my kids. I love the holidays! Don't you love how the things we're doing right now will develope into the traditions we do every year with our kids? I try and stuff all the fun things I can into this season so that my kids can always remember the magical times we have during the time of year.

Casey Marie said...

Yeah it sucks that you won't be here for Christmas either.
Carter is hilarious. I bet he will get a kick out of reading your blogs when he is older so he can see how much of a little terror he was. :)

Emily said...

I'm glad to hear Carter has grown out of hitting because Charlie is in that stage right now. ARgh.

Congrats on your big win! I'm sure your pie was delicious. Must have been!

julie said...

Congrats on winning with your gross pie! I've never made a pumpkin pie come to think of it. I did make the rolls this year, and I am so proud of myself, because they were delicious. Go me! But more importantly, go you!

munge said...

Hey way to go with the pie contest!. You can send the Sonic card to me - I love Sonic. :)) I hope you will be here next year for Thanksgiving. I miss you.