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Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Lovin' & Stocking Exchange

I want Christmas Cards. Particularly I want one from you. I feel so far away and removed from all those I know and hold dear so I need some lovin' sent to me in the form of a Christmas Card or newsletter, or picture, or a big giant present wrapped in glittery paper. ( I don't care if it a lame card with Frosty on the front *inside joke* Julie..well she might not think of it as a "joke" per say...but that is beside the point)

Is it sad that I have to put out a bulletin asking for cards?...no doubt...do I feel like a loser?...maybe a little. No, my theory is that you all really want to send me a card but in your mind you are wondering if I would really want a card from you...so you may be a bit hesitant and don't want to send a card that might not be invited in and hung on the family refrigerator. Well, this is just a post to help you get over your fear because I indeed do want a card and will display each one with love.

Ever since I was little I loved to see all the cards that came in my parent's mail box. I would always tape each one up around the door frames in our house. My love has never waivered...I am still a fan. It has to be put in the real snail mail with a stamp on it!! None of this "blogging taking the place of sending real stuff"...I read all your blogs on a regular basis and that is just not fun or in the Christmas spirit (please don't be upset if this is your plan...I will read it...but I would like it better with a stamp on it!) So...my e-mail is lauravannoy@gmail.com...e-mail me with your address if you would like a card from me and in turn I will give you my address to get a card from you...see how fun that is! Oh I am so excited...and if you want to slip a couple greenbacks in the envelope I wouldn't complain.


I was reading another blog or maybe it was a magazine...but I came across a stocking exchange idea. Lots of times the wives/mothers get a little jipped in this area because we are the thoughtful ones. We get our kids gifts and stockings and lots of us like to fill our husband's stocking with fun surprises as well. If you are like me though....you might have to remind your husband starting...well now...that Christmas is coming and you would be so thrilled if you woke up and "Santa" had filled your stocking. And if you are like me...your husband runs out at 11:55 on Christmas Eve because he has forgotten or "hasn't had the time" and comes back with that cheap body spray from Wal-Greens and the left over candy on the shelf that nobody else wanted. I am sure some of you get awesome stockings from the hubby *Nickie B.*(I am just guessing since your husband can remember such things as a "bloggiversary")...but some of you might not. So...I want to do a stocking exchange and invite anyone who wants to do it with me. That way we are guaranteed an authentic surprise when I open my stocking on Christmas!

So...anyone who would like to be "Santa" for someone and fill a stocking full of goodies...in exchange for a surprise stocking of your own...leave a comment saying so. On Nov. 30
th I will draw out who gets who and let you know...then you have a couple of weeks to get your stocking together and mail it off. Even if you already get a "good" stocking from family and want to participate please do *Nickie*! I understand some of you won't want to because it will cost money...and I don't blame you...that is okay...I really only need ONE taker to make this thing worthwhile for me...but I think it will be fun if lots of you want to play and then we can all blog about out stockings! I was wondering if I should set a price limit?? What do you think?

Oh and please only participate if you really want to fill the stocking with good stuff...I would rather this not resemble elementary gift exchanges where I gave an awesome gift and got a chipped coffee mug with a ring around the inside. Yes, this little game is about getting good stuff...purely materialistic and in no way reflects the true meaning of Christmas.

And to my husband. I still love you...I just don't need anymore crappy body spray, the box I keep those in is full now;)


millerandbrandi said...

Okay, this sounds fun Laura...count me in!!!!!

Jennifer Dunn said...

Laura, I need your mailing address so I can send you a card this year--if I ever get to getting them made!

And you need to tell me the story about Frosty card sometime!

julie said...

haha, frosty..I'll send you one of those for sure. You are so funny. haha, I totally fall in that category of putting my Christmas card online this year. Sorry everybody. I'm lazy and cheap. Bad combo.

millerandbrandi said...

Oh, and email me your address...I'll send ya a Christmas card :)

Katie said...

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Katie said...
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The Dayley Fam said...

Awww, we'll mail you a card! :-) I'm with you, I like to get things in the mail rather than through emails. It is much more special that way and it makes you feel like someone really cared enough to go to the effort of getting it mailed.

I've always loved Christmas cards. Heck, at 27 years old, I STILL enjoy riffling through all my parents' Christmas cards as much as I did when I was a kid. I even make my mom tape them all up for the season (when she'd just as soon throw them out almost immediately) so I can admire them each time I come over. :-)

Having said all that...You can count me in on the stocking exchange, it sounds like fun! Just let me know what I need to do and where it needs to go! (Nickie has my email address)

Leah said...

Your so fun Laura! Get your address out there and wait for a lame card from us! Have I mentioned how much we miss you guys! Oh and our husbands are too much alike, only I don't even get cheep body spray!

Bradbury Trio said...

Laura! I'm reminded of the year I gave Katie a Christmas Card, and not you, because I didn't have your address or something, and how sad it made you!! LOL! I promise to not do that again!! I am like you, and LOVE the mailman around this time of year!! :)

The stocking idea really does sound fun, I think if I get counted in, I would want a price limit to get an idea of what to spend. I don't like being too low or too high. If it's too high, I probably won't be able to do it, but I do love the idea!!

And that was cute what you wrote about NIck and him remembering my blogiversary, but even he has his "forgetful/last minute" days!

Anyway, I'll be emailing you my address!! and those Blush shirt thingy's are AWESOME!! That's cool you get a free one!! They're on my Christmas wish list now!!

Okay, I've made this comment long enough I believe! XOXOXO

Casey Marie said...

Oh I am so happy you won a blush. Can I has it:)? Just kidding....but seriously.

I would also love to be included in the sticking thingie if the price limit isn't too high. That sounds fun. Let me know what the price will be and I will tell you if I am in or not.

And I was going to surprise you with a card, but now I will just be joining the "mainstream" of sending Laura a card and it won't mean as much. Thanks a lot.


Us Bailey's said...

Sounds fun to me! Also, I need your address if I am going to get you a card! At least, I am going to try and get you a card! Christmas cards are the hardest thing for me to mail for some reason!

Des- T.Designs said...

haha crappy body spray...so true! I'm so in!! and I'm probably go to say the same thing on my blog about the card...if you don't mind? I LOVE cards...and want people to know that too.

Cassie said...

Hey Laura, the pictures of christ are neat there were a lot I've never seen before. I'll pass on the stocking exchange, but will mail you a christmas card. I got a bunch of holiday stamps awhile ago and am exited to finally use them.

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

I LOVE christmas cards too! And secretly wish that everyone would send me one. I will be sure and send you one too! And pass the word around that Kristin want's christmas cards too :)

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

I haven't even thought about christmas cards yet! I guess I too am one of those last minuters, so probably count me out on the stocking exchange. Oh, and my roommate Jessica Simmons from my first year won the million on deal or no deal!

Dixie said...

I too miss the days of getting things in the mail from REAL people.
I wasn't even planning on doing Christmas cards but your post has motivated me.

ps I have NO IDEA how I totally missed the fact that you are in MS!! I would have totally stopped by if I had known.

Lara said...

I'm in!