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Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is What I Do...In Regards to Halloween

One time I answered the phone "Thank you for calling the Silvester Asylum, how may I direct your soul"....Lance thought it was hilarious...right Lance!!??! RIGHT!!! Well...I obviously thought it was (Silvester being my maiden name for those of you who didn't already know that) I think I am going to start answering my business phone that way for the next week.

So today I finally decided I was in the mood to decorate for Halloween! A little late...yes...but too late? no. I put up a little window sticker scene of ghosts and gravestones and pumpkins and then Josh (yes JOSH...the hater of all things tacky) put up orange lights to frame our 2 front windows. Thanks Sweetie! (remember my term of endearment poll?...that is the term I use). After it stops raining like a banshee we are going to string Jack-o-Lantern lights around the deck. Then we will get some pumpkins...which we may or may not carve...and we will call it good! I am a little giddy right now because I have been feeling too lazy up until today to get out the Halloween box...but now that I did I had to sit down and blog about it. Like I have said, blogging has become a character trait...when describing myself some terms might include...nice, super intelligent, hilariously funny, blogger, mother...ya know.

Now...to the whole purpose of my post...I was going to tell you how I do things that save us a ton of money for Halloween. I know other people do this...but in case you haven't thought of it I will share....we do not buy anything for Halloween until the day after or later when everything goes at least 50% off...it it even better when it is 75% off and more...items are almost free by then. The first year you do this you will spend more money because you will not have any items stored...so you will have to buy candy or decor or whatever else before the holiday or to have on Halloween night...but after it is over hit the clearance aisles to stock up for next year! That is what we have been doing for the past 5 years and it makes me so happy!

So...this year I have spent $0.00 on Halloween...but we have Carter's costume (because he is wearing the same one as last year), all decor, and all the goodies we are passing out to trick-or-treaters all ready to go. Last year I hit the sales and purchased 2 big bags of individual size Play-Doh, Halloween pencils, and Halloween noise makers and bouncy balls...that is what we will be passing out for treats and altogether maybe cost $5.00. Plus we will be the funnest house on the block! I should have been more grateful as a kid...but I have to admit when I saw a bowl full of smarties or tootsie rolls I was rather disappointed and gave all that stuff to my dad. When I knocked on the door of a house and they had TOYS or some neat novelty item..like juice boxes and bags of chips I thought I was in heaven!! I would go to that house 2 or 3 times that night. Plus...giving out play-doh and bouncy balls in a lot healthier than chocolate bars(although I love those too!) Usually I do go out and find some juice boxes on sale and buy a couple of those too...so I spend a few bucks there. They are so fun to give and see the kids go crazy for them. Plus I know some parents let their kids trick-or-treat but then take all of their candy away and they can't even have it...so if I give something other than candy at least those kids have something to keep and play with!

So...our ward party is on Saturday this year...so the day after Halloween I will be at the store getting stuff for our Trunk-or-Treat and saving lots of money! I will also be stocking up for next year and spending a lot less and being completely prepared when the holiday rolls around again. Just remember to get things that will keep for a year...I would not recommend trying to buy bags of candy to save for next year. Look for novelty toy items and also for decorations you will use next year.

Another thing...I always purchase a Halloween shirt or outfit a size larger than Carter wears for the next year. Last year the Halloween shirts at Wal-Mart were 5 bucks...after Halloween was over I think I got it for 1.00...so now he has a cute Halloween shirt...and they are perfect for wearing under costumes. This year I will also search the web and purchase Carter's Halloween costume for next year.(this will get harder once he starts making up his own mind about what he wants to be...but for now we will go cheap...or homemade!) Buy the pumpkin carving kits and tools for almost nothing and you will have brand new sets to use the next year.

Do this for all the holidays and you will save yourself lots of money to spent elsewhere! If you don't have Christmas decorations yet...skip a year of decorating and hit the clearance aisles to get all your decor needs for next year. Josh and I got a really nice fake tree that is pre-lit and all of our decor on clearance and saved at least 200.00...the trees get REALLY cheap the longer you wait! ...but you have to shop often because lots of people do this..so go early...see what is flying off the shelves and what might stick around for another mark down or two. Also keep your receipts and have the store price matches or price adjustments if you purchase something one day and the next day it is cheaper.

Anyways...why can't I explain this in just a short paragraph...like anyone is going to read this far! My point...prepare a year ahead by buying on clearance and then you will be ready for the next holiday and save a lot of money.

I think I am going to quit blogging.


julie said...

Ok, lesson learned. I've GOT to be on top of it this year! Remind me again on Halloween okay? :)

Liz said...

Don't stop blogging either, okay? :-)

Bradbury Trio said...

I love that we think alike Laura! I'm exactly the same way--frugal chicks could be our nickname!--It really is amazing how much cheaper things are the day after the holiday. I told Nick that maybe we'll celebrate Christmas on the 27th this year. So we can go shopping on the 26th, and have Santa come that night! :) We really might do it too!

LOVE YOU Laura! Thanks for all your comments! They all make me smile, and I love the way you write on your blog--it's so entertaining!!