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Thursday, October 23, 2008

He's a Crime Fighter!

My brother is a crime fighter!..a Hero you could say...at least he is mine! Below is an article taken from the Times News...Twin Falls, ID local newspaper...the police officer they talk about in the article is my brother...and a stupid punk pulled a gun on him! oooooh....if I ever meet this guy on the street I would no doubt run him over with my car...hopefully he will put behind bars though.

My mom just sent me this so I need to call my brother and find out the details...it is always fun to hear his stories...I just hope and pray he is always safe...or else stronger than the other guy!(like in the drunken bar brawl he was in when he had to take a big huge guy to the ground after the guy punched him in the face!...the stupid guy punched an officer!! what a loser!) I am proud of my bro. I always knew that he would grow up and be in the line of work he is in...I think he is made for it. I just can't stand the people though who think they are above the law and think of police officers as the enemey rather than the protectors! There are just way to many stupid people in the world. We need a "stupid" island where we can send all the stupid people to live..then every few months or so we would have to go over and throw all the bodies in the water (because all the stupid people would have killed each other off) and then send more stupid people over there. Forget the diaper drive...I am going to start this island...who is with me???!?!?

T.F. police arrest man after foot chase


Twin Falls police arrested a man who pulled a gun during a short foot pursuit Wednesday.

Officers responded to a 12:30 p.m. call of a suspicious male on the 300 block of Madrona Street and made contact with Chaz Golding, 21, Sgt. Steve Benkula said.

After running Golding's information, police learned there was a felony forgery warrant out of Twin Falls County for Golding.

Golding ran when told he was under arrest, Benkula said.

Golding produced a gun at about the same time an officer in pursuit pulled a Taser, Benkula said. Golding dropped the gun and surrendered shortly thereafter.

Golding is charged with misdemeanors of possession of paraphernalia, under the influence of narcotics in public, resisting and obstructing, and carrying a concealed weapon


Jennifer Dunn said...

Wow. I'm glad your brother is one of the good guys on the street. I hope he stays safe.

Bradbury Trio said...

Yikes! How scary! I'm glad there's a happy ending here...way to go Bro! :)They're so brave to do what they do! I take it for granted! So please tell him THANK YOU for keeping the bad guys off the street!

Nate, Des, Sydney, Jack said...

wow.way to go! I would be so scared. gotta love police osifers. Especially right now- cause we live in the ghetto...and I hear guns go off all the time. well once in a while- it just so happened that yesterday they went off twice. definitly gun...what else could it be? anyway. quick question- do you work from home? Or work, in general? I noticed you had "buisness phone" on a posting below...and just curious. I need a job- so though I would ask :)

Casey Marie said...

Nate is awesome. "Superman" some might say.

Okay, so I did some research and their is an island about 2000 miles away from anywhere we could possibly be at any given moment. I booked the boat that will take them safely across the torential sea. All you have to do now is send out a worldwide flier (or email forward) saying the Prince of Nigeria is going to pay every single person who shows up on the dock a million dollars and we got ourselves some stupid people on a boat.

John and Anna said...

So scary! I'm glad he's ok! There really are a lot of stupid people out there!

Brandi said...

I am so glad that your brother is okay! How scary!

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

First of all I am so grateful for thoe who work to protect us.

second..Nate would NOT be the one I would pull a gun on. Hello? He could totally pound you!

third..Nate is one very brave guy! I am so glad that he wasn't hurt!

Us Bailey's said...

Wow! I am glad your brother is safe! I think that would be the scariest thing in the world!!!! Oh, and my computer was being stupid I couldn't leave a message about your dollars for diapers -- I'm in! Let me know what you need done!

**nicke said...

your brother is pretty cool!!!

we heard about the bar fight on the radio and spencer knows the guy who punched your brother. he is a huge guy. then when we found out that nate was the officer we were blown away! he is so awesome! and honestly, he is huge. i would hate to be a bad guy if he was the officer that was going to arrest me. i would just put my hands up and hope i didn't die...

when i was still working for health and welfare he helped me one day too. it is great to have the good guys on your side...