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Sunday, October 26, 2008

To Tag or Not to Tag

I was tagged a couple of times by a couple of my peeps :) and thought I would take the opportunity to fulfill those tags. Just so you know I am perfectly happy to accept a tag and have no resentments when people tag me. I also like reading most tags on other people's blogs...except the one word tag...that one is kinda boring...sorry!

The 6th picture tag. Liz hit me with this one and I thought it was fun. You are supposed to open up your pictures file and select the 6th folder and then post the 6th picture in the file and blog about it. No surprise Carter bug popped up on my screen when I clicked on #6....I have a 95% chance of clicking on a picture of Carter when I go to my files.

This is just a random picture I took a day or so after his 6th month shots...I was taking pictures of his band-aid...why? What else does a brand-new mom with a 6 month old do? You can tell it is the Christmas season because you can see a just a hint of our Christmas tree sparkling in the background. Look at Carter bug's chubby cheeks and freshly cut hair (he won't let us cut it now and he is starting to look pretty sloppy!)

The next tag is just a simple list of 8's that Leah tagged me with...

8 Favorite TV Shows:
*Little People Big World
*Top Chef
*Project Runway
*Jon & Kate Plus 8
*Ghost Whisperer
*Notes From the Under Belly
*Scrubs, The Office, Desperate Housewives...I like these shows but never get to watch them

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
*Found an awesome deal on a set of Weebles at a yard sale ...$3.00!! Carter has been playing with them ever since!
*Josh, Carter, and I walked through an open house for a beautiful home and fell in love and realized we shouldn't do those walk-throughs anymore!
*Drove an hour out to a farm where our ward Halloween Party will be and stopped at a gas station that was reminiscent of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
*Went to Cedar Hills Farm and spent a few hours playing, picking out a pumpkin, petting animals, and watching a little boy pee all over the sand box...also a little girl walked up to Carter and screamed with delight "He is my best friend!"..I am glad Carter can make friends without even trying...without even blinking in their direction for that matter. It was really cute!
*Filled up my car for only 23.00!! A couple months ago it cost over 40.00 so I was ready to break dance at the pumps and scream really loud...I totally did it in my head.
*Purchased some awesome steaks from Kroger for Sunday dinner
*Skyped my parents
*Bathed Carter and went to bed early so we could wake up for church on time...and we made it on time for the first time in a month!! woohooo!!

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
*Our Ward Halloween Party...Josh and I are the Activity Chair and I am mostly excited to just get it over with! It will be fun though! We really need to get to know more people in our ward..I still don't know anyone's name!
*On this same topic I am excited for our Christmas Party...we are going to go all out and rent a hall and have a big party...and do an Angel Tree which I love!
*I am looking forward to our bosses coming..one because I like them and they always take us out to a restaurant of our choice...and two because then I can finally plan a trip back home without worrying about missing a meeting with them...and getting to see my family and friends!!!
*Time Out For Women! I am going Nov. 14th and 15th in Nashville and I am really looking forward to it...then Josh and Carter and I will do a bit of sight seeing and hopefully take in a show!
*Spring Break...my parents and Jake are going to come visit!!
*Buying our first investment property
*Delivering Diapers because everyone and their mom is going to donate...RIGHT!?!?! :)
*Having another baby...I am not pregnant...but look forward to being...sometime

Okay...if you need to blog idea then do one of these...the picture one was fun because it made me revisit a folder I hadn't been to for a while and remember Carter at 6 months...and the 8 things makes you think...it is hard to come up with even 8 shows!!

So...I am going to Tag...Nickie, Julie, Jenny D., Casey, & Shelby! Do it if you want...don't if you don't want.


julie said...

I love weebles. I liked this post. It's crazy to see Carter so little. Crazy. I'm super excited for you to come here too! Hooray! Merry Christmas to me!

Bradbury Trio said...

Laura! That is hilarious about doing a dance by the gas pump! I hope you really did one! I remember your moves back in college when you and Megan daniced for Sean!!! Remember?? I don't know how that memory popped in my head, but it did!! HAHAHAH!!

These were great things I learned about you, especially having a baby sometime!! :) YEA!!! I would just love to see a little Laurita running around someday!!

The picture of Carter dude is so adorable too! Boy they really do grow up fast huh?

oKAY, i promise to do the post, in a couple days!!! I wonder what my 6th picture is....stay tuned!


Jennifer Dunn said...

Those are some fun random thoughts! And what a cute photo of Carter. How is it possible for one to be so cute?

On time to church! Going to bed early? So, it can happen? I'll have to try it sometime myself!

I'm grossing out over the kid peeing in the sand box. No more public sandboxes for us!

Brandi said...

I am so excited for you to become pregnant again! Fun! I am glad to almost be done. I am also hoping we get to see you guys!!

Casey Marie said...

I don't think my ward is having a halloween party. If they are, they didn't announce it very well.

So Mark and Paul are coming in December for sure then?


Carter is soo sweet and cute. I love his eyes. His nose is a bit crusty in that picture as well and I can't wait to show it to all his friends when he's older.

Us Bailey's said...

I am glad you are looking forward to things and good luck with your halloween pary! That's always a lot of work!!!

Lara said...

*Little People Big World
*Project Runway
*Jon & Kate Plus 8

I knew we should be BFFs.

..I love reading other people's tags, I just don't like writing them about myself....

Anonymous said...

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