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Thursday, July 17, 2008

You Wanna Make a Memory

**You probaly all know by now how this works. Leave a comment with a memory you have of me or about me...or Josh or Carter. Then if you haven't already, post this on your blog for your readers to do the same!**

So for some reason I am nervous about putting this up. I have loved reading other people's memories on several blogs and thought this would be fun. I am worried I will get 0 comments!! Wouldn't that be the worst thing ever if nobody had a memory about me!! So if you read this, comment please and help a sista out!!...or maybe because I just said "help a sista out" you will pretend you don't know me.


Cheri said...

I remember for some weird reason, in Junior high, Kristal Eastman got super mad at you because you had a better tan than her. Then she started spreading a mean rumor every where that you fake baked or something. I thought it was funny that someone would get so mad because of a TAN. And then I thought it was funny that she thought that was a horrible rumor to spread. Yeah, who cares. Ha!

Cheri said...

And I remember this other time when you , Julie and I stayed up until like 3 am IMing eachother
and taling about female stinkiness and how I wanted to smell like olives and you said that was gross and I said for you to worry about your own stinkiness. Good times.

The Van Noys said...

Cheri...oh.my.heck. I am laughing my head off...our cyber slumber parties are fun...even if we have only had one!

And...that tan thing has to be one of the worst experiences ever...I got crap from everybody...Kristal, Josh Fisher, not to mention basically my whole P.E. class. I guess Jr. Highers have nothing better to do than make fun of "whitey"...who all of the sudden has orange legs! Ah good times...needless to say...I have resigned myself to being white...and actually don't mind it now!

Shane and Amy Jo said...

Let me just say this...Girl's Camp, South Hills, 1st year!!! Ring a bell?!? Oh, that's when we first made nice and started to be friends. I had a hard time at first because you were on the enemy softball team...was it PSI??? You guys were so good and beat us all the time...I think we smoked you only once. Anyway, the love letters at camp are unforgettable!!!

Lisa said...

It's a shame that my memory is so terrible, but weren't we in the same D&C seminary class sophomore year with Bro. Mac? I'm pretty sure Josh was in my class . . . Anyway, I do remember you two walking to and from seminary together, and I was completely in awe that a senior boy liked a sophomore girl. You were automatically cool in my book! Cheesy memory from me, yes, but it's so wonderful that years later you two are now happily married with such a beautiful son.

The Van Noys said...

Amy!!! haha...I feel like such a dork but Katie and I totally freaked when you guys came over to our cabin...we were like..."oh my gosh...they are outside RIGHT NOW!! We really wanted to be friends with you guys...then we all met up at the fair that year...unfortunately I got sick like on the 1st ride and had to sit out and I was sad because Katie ditched me to hang with you guys:(

Oh...and how dare you mix us up with PSI (they were our mortal enemies) We were Intermountain Heating and Air Conditioning...yes we kicked butt!! But we liked all the teams...except PSI and Skip's team...so it was sad to find out everyone hated us!!

Lisa...sophomore year I had Nichols..but the rest you got right;)

munge said...

Goodness, I have so many memories. I remember so much of your life until you left for college.

I remember you wanted to audition for the Missoula Playhouse and I was waiting for you to come out of the practice and you came walking out to the car with this boy and he had his arm around you. And even though you weren't old enough to date, I was totally cool. (wasn't I?) I think I kinda whispered to you "Who is this?" and that is when you thought to introduce me to Josh Van Noy. I had heard about him, but that was the first time I remember meeting him and seeing you two together.

I also remember when you set fire to the field outside of our house and then tried to put it out one cup of water at a time, lol.

I love you so much. :)

Shelby said...

I remember when you brought your family to my mom's house for dinner and I had been really sick and hardly visited at all with you. I still feel bad about that--we'll have to get together when you come back!

Lara said...

I remember first meeting you through church volleyball, and how much ridiculous competition was built up over those Thursday night games. It's a good thing that I have a forgiving heart that you were in another ward. Otherwise, I think we'd still be on the outs with eachother.


Todd and Laura said...

I just remember you from high school, I knew you were that girl dating Josh. And though we weren't close friends I know we hung out in the same circles a few times. You were, and still are, a fantastic lady and it is fun to stay in touch!

Todd and Laura said...
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julie said...

I remember when you thought that no one would leave you a memory, and the you had a ton!

julie said...

K, here's my real one...what do I pick! I'm thinking of a million right now...I'll go with sleepover theme: The one with Katie and Ashlee and them being ticked off and us laughing all night, "What if I slept like this?!" and that other sleepover in my music room involving a sheet and laying completely lined still..who does that?!?! How do friends learn that that's ok? hahahaha, so funny! You do know what I'm talking about right?

The Van Noys said...

hahaha...of course I remember what you are talking about...one of the best nights of my life...ha! And what rhymes with sock?...clock!!bwahahaha...SHUT UP!! yeah Ashlee totally hated us that night!

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura! You had mentioned that you were in Memphis too a while ago... I just forgot! I hope you are liking it too. It is so pretty here and there are really good places to eat. We haven't been to many places, but try Beale St. just for fun. There is also a Mud Island park on the Mississipi that is fun. I heard that there is a cute duck show at the Peabody Hotel. Downtown Memphis is kinda run down and scary but not if you go in the afternoon... you should be okay because there are tons of people around. I really like it!

julie said...

hahahahahahah! I totally forgot about SO many of those. Natasha?! Dying in Fred Meyer?! Poor Josh! Pretend boyfriends?! Rigging votes! I totally forgot about all of those! So funny! And I swear I'm amnesiac! So funny! I swear we were the biggest losers! I'm going to have to rack my brain! But I'll get back to ya!

Bradbury Trio said...

Where shall I begin?!?!? Hmmmm, maybe with the time when I came home, and you were watching TLC, and you said, "I want to change the world and make it a better place!!" It was kind of random, and I think that's why it was so funny! And knowing you and your blog makes the world a better place, so consider that done!

Okay, or there's the time when I put yarn in your hair so you could be raggidy Andy, or Ann? One of them anyway! You were so cute, and you helped me put hangers in my hair so I could be pippy longstalking for our ward halloween party!

Okay, the time we made MUSHY fettucinni for our dates for the dance! I remember you going with an FHE brother, and I went with Blake...that was fun!

Working out together(wearing bandanas), and you sliding off the treadmill from going too fast!! HAHAHAHAH!!

Telling Katie and I you would join us the next morning at 5:00 AM to workout, and when morning came, you would say, "tomorrow---seriously!"

Hanging from the blinds and yelling for help (enough said!) I'll never forget this one!!!

And I think one of the funniest ones is when I was talking to you right before you went to bed, so I was in the doorway, and you were in your bed, and after talking about whatever we talked about...I said Goodnight, and walked down the hall to my room, and then you said, "WAIT NICKIE...COME BACK! COME BACK!" Like you really needed me FAST! So I ran down the hall, and then these are the words you said to me, "Will you please shut off my light!!??" Here I thought something traumatic, and it was only to shut off your lights! I think I waited a few more seconds before I shut them off, but it was funny!!!


Oh wait, and I remember when Josh was visiting once, and I came in from school, and you guys were making out on the couch...it was so cute, and I was so jealous...cause I wanted a boy to make out with!! :)

Carrie said...

Do you rememeber the "Keep your hands to yourself" sign we made for a certain somebody?

Dixie Chicks concert is a good memory...that was awesome and we all looked pretty silly. Me being pulled over for running a red light, like, the day before the concert and we ended up talking to the policeman about how we were going to the concert and then we didn't get a ticket.

The fair and the hypnotist.

Jennifer Dunn said...

I can't believe you thought no one would leave a memory, though I totally know how you feel!

I remember when you and Julie stayed the night in TF High School auditorium. I don't really remember it, but Julie told me about that, and I think it's the funniest story ever!

I remember how you always wrote on my myspace page, and then convinced me to go to blogspot! it's way better here!

Carrie said...

Oh, Laura, I'm so happy you remembered all those thing you posted for me. I have an awful memory...which is probably good in some cases but very bad in others. Some of those things I remember, but didn't remember who was with me...like the hot tub. We need to have a sleepover and remember all these things!

Jennifer Dunn said...

I'm sorry about the camera incident at Prom. But you reminded me of more memories...

I remember you and Julie all dressed up for Prom and looking spectacular! ;)

You and Julie winning a big award in drama for your comedy act, but you wouldn't do it for me in our living room, so I only saw photos. :(

You and Julie singing audition songs in the same living room. Totally fun!

Being bride's maids (or matrons, I guess) together at Julie's reception.

Cheri said...

Hey! Back off of Skip's team, only half us us were complete witches! Ha.

**nicke said...

i remember when you bought a cute quilt at a certain 10th ward auction. post a pic of it! i can't remember what it looks like... ;)

ashley said...

Haha! Isnt this blog the best, doesnt it just make you feel so popular when you look and see 20+ comments!! It did me...I was like..."I have friends!!" Sometimes being married and old I forget that people know me and maybe like me too.
So, I find it kinda funny that both you and Julie remember me farting in a van...what? I really dont remember it at all, but I dont doubt it for a second...me and my gassiness- I think 1/2 my comments were about me farting. Dang it.
So, I do remember that party when we walked around the corner and were both cuddling with our boyfriends...I would have never remembered it on my own though, I am bad like that with memories.
I also remember us all telling dirty secrets in Carrie's room, and yes, I remember your dirty secrets ;) why is it that I remember everyone's dirty secrets? Am I really screwed up like that?
So, I was trying to remember...who did we both kiss? I was trying to remember...did you kiss brad too? For some reason I am thinking that...and maybe Ryan Bevan? I dont know.
I remember the singles new years eve dance and you were there with Josh and Julie with BRandon (I actually have pictures of this night that I will post on my blog later) and then there was me...with Adam...no comment.
I remember after Dana graduated and I was nervous I wasnt going to have any friends to hang out with and you and Julie and Carrie totally accepted me into your threesome, which I am still thankful for! I am glad that a had a good friend in student government with me, it helped so I wasnt driven so crazy by adam christensen...ugg.

Casey Marie said...

HAHA! I have lots of memories. That one where we burned down the corral is, of course, hilarious.

I remember riding in "The Noy" and thinking it was the coolest thing in the world that the seat tipped back whenever we stopped.

I think some of the worst times were at girls camp when you just couldn't help being mean to me. Like the year I ran inside bawling because you called me "Ron" from HArry Potter. And Katie and others laughed...oh the humility.

I remember I was in 9th grade and it was my birthday and I got a slip to go to the office. When I got there, there was a basket with balloons tied to it. IT was filled with such goodies. There was a CD and some candies and a stuffed animal. I felt so special. The same thing happened on Valentines Day my sophomore year. You felt bad for me because LArs dumped me and you wanted me to have a present so you sent me some (was it balloons?) I think you sent me some chocolates with balloons and a stuffed animal. In the card you said to tell everyone it was from a secret admirer, so I did. It was fun.

I also remember pushing you into KAtie's couch and you landed on the cabbage patch hair crimper and broke your tail bone. You thought I did it on purpose, like I knew you would land on the stupid toy.

I remember going to class with you at BYUI, it was psych and I thought it was the best class I have ever been to.

I remember you set me up with Lance. He took me to the fair and we made fun of the bug gangling off a guys cowboy hat. It stayed tehre the whole time morphing into some other bug. Gross.

I remember you trying to convince me that Santa was real and at the same time weaseling present information out of me.

I also remember that you had a cupboard....and I wanted a cupboard. You had a caboodle, and I wanted a caboodle. You had a walking doll with hair as golden as the sun...and I wanted to comb it. You drew pictures of people, so I drew pictures of people. You had army boots and I really wanted army boots.

I always stole your clothes because they were always cooler then mine. Too bad I am a sloppy eater, otherwise I would have got away with it.

I remember how depressed you were when Josh left on his mission. I remember how you hid from the camera if I was taking a picture but was really quick to run onstage and audition...I never understood that.

I remember when you were moving to Mississippi and you had my books and you thought they were yours :)

Haha...You are my big sister and everything you had I wanted, and everything I had you just took and said it was yours to begin with. Who can argue with that kind of logic.

This is fun to read all of your friends memories of you. I am very curious as to what the full story is on some.

Anyway, Love ya!

Jennifer Dunn said...

haha, I had a caboodle, too! Julie, were you jealous?

julie said...

Haha! Of course I remember that night. I was in BLISS. I could have died in happiness. We held hands for about maybe 7 seconds when all of a sudden you say, "I want to go home!" And I'm like, "Are you sure?!?!?!" totally hinting I was in heaven, and you just say, "Yes. Please take me home." So I did. And then you were all, "Do you like Brandon? Were you holding hands?" like you didn't know! So evil! You told me before you were trying to tear us apart, but I didn't know all the details. So funny now, like you could have separated us. That night, when I held hands with him for the first time, well you remember that crushy-feeling! To this day, it's one of the biggest highs of my life! I can't believe you wanted to ruin that! Shame on you!

Nathan said...

wo! 27 comments. wo. so, thank you for your sweet comment....to answer your question- Kristin ALLEN Sanchez took them I thought about putting her maiden name on there...I guess should :) she did good huh! She did them for free cause she is just starting out. I did doctor them some with picasa..like make the colors brighter but she did an amazing job-and it was so fun and comfortable cause it was a friend!

Nathan said...

oh ps-that was DES....newtondes,blogspot.com it is posting just at Nathan and I didn't know if you new who that would be.

Shane and Amy Jo said...

I can't believe you thought I didn't like you because of my lack of commenting skills!!! Sorry I made you feel such anxiety!!!:) Yeah, I'm kinda bad at commenting, but I'm trying to do better. Getting over the whole...will they think that's stupid. My own insecurities! Funny how they never fully go away. Anyway, that made me laugh. I totally LOVE you!!!

Funny that I sang at your baptism. Who knew!??

Cheri said...

Oh, I remember "The Noy" now! I completely forgot about the van with the tipping seat until your sister mentioned it. Yeah, that was like the love machine, all dect out inside, lights and all.

Nate, Des, Sydney, & Jack said...

okok, of course I have memories of you. Sorry I didn't leave on. This is fun, I want to do it too-but like you I don't really think I'll get many comments- to scared of that rejections haha. ok so I mainly remember you with Lance and Julie- I'd see you when you were with them and you guys were always laughing and playing. I always thought two things-a. I wish I had amazing friends like that to really play with and be myself b.I LOVE your sense of humor, always laughing and so happy. I envy those with your personality...I work everyday to be so outgoing and spunky. You are so fun! it's not like I'm depressed-but I gotta get out of my shell sometime ya know! :)

Tim and Laura Allen said...

I didnt know you that well growing up. You guys were always the cool older kids that I was always to intimidated to talk to. I remember after Tim and I were married when you would come over to his parents house and visit. You were so fun to listen to. You are one of those people that I could listen to forever because you are so animated and funny. I remember after lilly was born how stressed out i was that i wouldnt be a good mom. Then i would get on your blog and read your enties and see what a good mom you were to carter and it would help me make it through another day

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

Tiolet papering ashlee patterson's house.

Jump company...hugging you as the last people on stage...and as my back was to the audience laughing my head off.

You and katie doing my hair..and trying to make me look funny!

Coming and seeing you guys in Mr. Fewkes room.

Making our home movies at my house with Katie and Casey.

I really could go on forever.

You running in to the mail box or was it the burning barrells? That my dad drove you right into.

I think I will stop because there are just too many!

Mann Land said...

If there was an award for the person who could generate the most memories, you would definitely be the one to take home the trophy!
I'm astounded at your impeccable memory! And you said it was foggy! What a bunch of CRAP! I feel like an amnesia victim compared to you!
I don't remember details about most things, but I do remember how I've felt about most things.
I remember your giggle always made me want to laugh too! I've always been amazed with your smarts and your quick wit! You and Julie are quite the pair. I remember seeing you at her reception and thinking, What a hottie!! The dress was blue wasn't it?? AND, I've always been a fan of your natural beauty, you have perfect coloring, meaning, your hair, skin, and eye color. It's not fair!

The Van Noys said...

gosh Dixie...make me blush;) Thanks for making me feel good!

And Ashlee...if you read this...the toilet papering was all in good fun...you have the PERFECT yard for such a feat...don't worry we also did Carrie's and Julie's...which I don't think I ever confessed! oops!

Casey Marie said...

hehe remember calling random people in the phone book (before caller ID) when mom and dad were gone and asking them stupid surveys. We asked a lady if she would rather have steak, lobster, pasta, hamburger and something else I can't remember and she yelled "Corned Beef and Cabbage" at us and hung up. We laughed for hours. Good times.

The Van Noys said...

Casey...how incredibly bored were we that we resorted to calling people to find out what food they like! ha! But I have always liked surveys and have been interested in public opinion...so I guess I am just weird!

Remember Nate would call people and say "I'm Bart Simpson...who the h#@ are you?"...naughty little boy!

The Dayley Fam said...

Since I only know you through blogging (and Nickie) my memories are very few. What I did remember most was the first time I read your blog and feeling like I found a kindred spirit in motherhood. I had such a hard time after my son was born and reading that someone else felt this way too meant so much to me.

Kari said...

I read this a couple days ago and I held off commenting because I wanted to come up with a good one. I don't have a ton of memories...but here are two.

The first one was when we were on the same softball team and I remember you burned your hand because the muffler fell off your blue car and you went to pick it up and it was really hot. Is that even true or am I just making this memory up? I swear it's true, so I hope it's not just some fabrication of mine!

The second memory is a little funnier. I think we were in 5th grade and we were sitting on the bus to go home and I was wearing these white shorts that were kinda short, but not way short. Anyway, you said to me, "I can see your epidermis" and I had NO IDEA what that word meant and I thought you were seeing something that you shouldn't be seeing so I tried to pull my shorts down to make them longer! LOL

The Van Noys said...

haha Kari! I like your memories...okay not the first one...because YES that happened and I remember it clear as day and it was horrible!!! It hurt sooo bad!! Remember how Stephanie Slane had a party at The Ameritel Inn that night and everyone was swimming and I just had to sit in the pool with my hand out of the water because it burned so bad!! I was miserable!! Funny that you remember that!!

And my joke was funny...I am laughing at myself!