Raining Petals

Friday, July 25, 2008

Let's Cross Our Fingers

After reading Amy Jo's blog I decided I needed to take charge and start training Carter to sleep in his own bed again.

You see, Carter started out a dream sleeper. I always put him to bed in his bassinet or crib from the first night we brought him home. He always went down without a fuss and fell asleep on his own. He loved his crib and knew immediately it meant sleepy time. In fact, there were times I wanted to cuddle with him and wanted him to sleep with me...but he wouldn't have any of that. He would fuss and become upset until I took him to his crib, where he would immediately calm down, turn to the side, and drift off to sleep.

Well, we shook his world up just after he turned 1 year old. We have moved 3 times since then and somewhere in between there he got scared and also had night terrors for a little spell. This all culminated to him ending up in the middle, right in between Josh and me. Had it not been for us having a King Size bed it would not have gone on very long. But for the most part having Carter sleep with us hasn't bothered us. We like to snuggle with him and it is nice to wake up in the morning to him rubbing your head or singing a song.

But, I have decided it is time to train him back to sleeping in his own bed. I just think it is important for him to have his own space and for Josh and me to take back our bed for just the two of us...at least for the majority of time...morning snuggles from Carter are welcomed!! Carter needs to learn how to sleep on his own. Maybe we can start getting him back on a better schedule where he is going to bed a few hours before Josh and I do.

So this is the first night we have tried it. We started off with a trip to Wal-Mart to pick out new sheets. We sold his toddler bed and sheets before we left and took a full size with us. I thought if we got him "kid" sheets he would feel like it is "his" bed and he will want to sleep in it. We had the choice between dinosaurs, Cars, or Spiderman...we went with Cars. Once Carter saw Josh and me making his bed he got really excited and knew immediately that because Cars sheets were being put on that this was now HIS bed! He climbed right in and got all snuggly. We read a couple of books and then said prayers. This time Josh and I stayed in the room until he fell asleep and will slowly wean him of that. But for now he has been in his own bed for 3 hours...wooohooo!! Josh and I are enjoying chatting and laughing without the little rascal in between us...but to be honest there is a part of me that wants to go grab him and stick him back in bed with us! But we will persevere! Here is to hoping this sticks and many good nights ahead!

***UPDATE*** The first night went well. Carter woke up at 6:00 am and cried because he was alone. So I went and got in bed with him. Neither of us could seem to fall back asleep so we went and got back in my big bed and slept in until after 9:00! Nice! Let's see how tonight goes.

***UPDATED UPDATE***the 2nd night went even smoother. Carter went to bed earlier and slept all the way until 7:30. Good thing he woke up because we had to get ready for church. He wants to fight going to bed by asking for toys or cartoons or Daddy...anything he can think of. But when I stand my ground he gives up and gives in. At least the past 2 days.;) So, so far so good. We are happy.


Casey Marie said...

Just so you know (and don't feel guilty about having let him sleep with you and Josh), most parents from countries besides America and European ones sleep with their children until they are about 10 or so. They feel it develops a closeness between child and parents. For some reason America abandoned that practice long ago thinking that the child needed to learn independence. Which could be true. Just a matter of preference I suppose.
Anywho, just a bit of trivia for ya. I'm glad Carter was excited about his sheets. That's so cute. :)

julie said...

Go You! Training anything is hard! Good luck!

Lisa said...

Good luck - I hope that it goes well. My kids have gone in and out of sleeping well on their own many times. It can be a very rewarding though often frustrating process!

munge said...

well, how did the first night go? If he is anything like you, he will continue to want to sleep with you for another year or so, off and on. I think you finally stopped when Casey was old enough to share a bed with you, then you had some company. :)