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Friday, July 11, 2008

Clean Up, Clean Up !!

Carter loves to sing and whenever he knows a song and he can put it with something he does. One of my favorite things he does is sing the "Clean Up" song. I don't know if we sing the right words because I have never heard the song before...but whenever I tell Carter to clean up his mess he quickly breaks into song...and dance... and blurts out "Clean Up! Clean Up! ABADOODY Clean Up!" I love how he says "everybody"

When we were in the bookstore the other day he got a lot of books off the shelf and I asked him to clean up and he starting bouncing in a circle singing this song and then picked the books up! I just laughed and laughed and wanted to remember it. He cracks me up!...and he charmed the pants off the 2 ladies who sat and watched him for most of our time in the store.

His very most favorite song of all time...so far...is B-I-N-G-O. Whenever we tell him to pick a song it is ALWAYS this one. It goes something like this ..

Me: THERE (if I start out with the "there" in an exaggerated way he will drop whatever he is doing and join in) was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o!

Carter: THERE wasnhfewhflseh a DOG and BINGO was his EMO... B-I-jin-jin-jo B-I-jin-gee-o B-I-Jin-jin-o and BINGO was his EMO!

And this is rather embarrassing but the other day we were in bed winding down to go to sleep and I had my arms behind my head and Carter looked over at me and I noticed he was studying me for quite some time. Then he says "Oooooh No Mommy....Oh No! That diiirty....that dirty mommy" as he pointed to my armpit. I cracked up...but now I am self-conscious about my pits...ha!!

Just a few things I love and wanted to remember!


julie said...

That picture of him looks like a mini-Laura...so cute!

Bradbury Trio said...

Those are cute stories! And thanks to you two, today I'm going to sing BINGO--I forgot about that song!

It's great that you're documenting all these fun moments...even the armpit one!! heheh

And Carter is very photogenic! MUAW!

Carrie said...

Hilarious! He is adorable. Your re-done bathroom looked really nice, by the way (I don't think I commented on it earlier...maybe I did). Oh, and thanks for the extra warm baby carseat/outfit set (I don't know what it's called) the one you left with Julie. It will be perfect in CT.

Casey Marie said...

HAHAHA Holy smokes I miss the little guy. Oh I can't wait to spend time with him. You get him all pumped up and excited about seeing us okay!

Oh..and shave your pits...lol

Kari said...

LOL, that is awesome spelling you did! Now you can remember how it sounded forever because I could even picture it in my head and I've never even seen the kid in real life!

I love that clean up song too! Jayci is too young to sing and clean, but I wish I could get her Daddy to do it. ;)

Your blog looks so pretty too! Love it.

Jennifer Dunn said...

So, when was the "Clean Up" song invented? I never knew it growing up, but every mother in the world sings that song except for me, and even my kids know it! I love all Carter's variation!

Matt and Brandi said...

LOL Carter. He is so funny! Miss you guys!

munge said...

I have enjoyed his singing since he has been here. Right after dinner he said "Come on Gamma, megats" (that is how he says music)He led me over to the computer and pointed at the Napster symbol on the screen and said "this one". He has been singing and dancing ever since. Tonight he and Halle were playing and he jumped out to surprise her and said "Peebeeboo!" That really cracked me up. Just thought I would inserr these because I want to remember them. I love you and wish you were here.

Alli said...

He looks like he has a very darling spirit. I love the picture.