Raining Petals

Friday, June 27, 2008

A Shout Out to My Peeps! (from Carter)

This is Carter's favorite swing at our new park. It is such a fun place for him to play!



Shelby said...

Oh, this is too cute! What a sweetie. Did he kick the camera?!!

julie said...

He's pretty much the cutest thing on the planet.

Casey Marie said...

Oh yay! I'm so glad you posted this! And also the one before this one. I love Carter so much!!! SO cute!

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

Oh he is so cute Laura! Seriously! He is getting so big too! I am so glad that you posted pictures of what it looks like where you live! i hope that you are all adjusting well! Oh just wondering...are you coming to Katie's wedding? I know that it probably is a no since you are so far but I was just curious. Let me know if I can get my hopes up!

Bradbury Trio said...

Aw, this has to be the sweetest thing ever!! I'm sure your Mom is crying right now!!

You're so creative Laurita!