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Friday, June 27, 2008

It is About Time: Goodbyes and Moving

I meant to post these weeks ago...but time has gotten the best of me. We have been in Mississippi exactly a month now and things are going very well. Below are pictures of us saying some goodbyes and on our travels.

If you recall the "Before" picture...this is a drastic change and for a while I never thought we would get everything moved out! But we did and even cleaned to boot! This was Carter's playroom in our basement. The pic below was our storage room.

Josh and Carter say goodbye to "The Noy" My dad drove it to Twin Falls for us where it will patiently wait for our return meanwhile storing a lot of our stuff inside. She is a good van and still runs well for being in her old age. We miss her!

Here is Carter with his girlfriends Lydia and Leauna. Yes, these girls are twins. The turned 2 in January and welcomed twin baby brothers as well!! I took a picture with their mom, my friend Leah...unfortunately it didn't make it past editing.
Carter fell asleep on top of a mountain of blankets and pillows during our moving fiasco.

Cody and Casey are two of Carter's most favorite people!! He really adores them! He can't wait to see them again soon!!

Carter and Grandma! I am so thankful my mom spent a few hours that last day helping us get everything packed up and was able to cuddle Carter a little bit before we hit the road! It was really hard to say goodbye!!

Behind schedule a few days we finally just threw anything left straggling around our house into the back of the truck and hit the road! This is a picture taken while driving in Wyoming.

Here is Carter and Abe Lincoln. Abe hangs out at a rest area in Wyoming.

My plan was to take a picture in front of a sign with the name of every state we drove through. Well my plan was never brought to fruition as this is the only picture of the sort I took. But isn't my little man so cute in front of this big sign!

Carter lounging it out at the Holiday Inn. These were seriously the most comfortable beds we have ever slept in...both Josh and I slept like logs...oh so nice!

I thought of returning him with the cart. But he was such a good traveler that I didn't mind him tagging along;)

This is Nebraska. It was pleasant.
This is a play place we stopped at in Nebraska. This is a really fun one because adults can go in and as well. All 3 of us had fun running around and Carter loved that we could play with him. In the middle of this thing there are a ton of foam balls and you can put them in guns and shoot at each other or send them through lots of different tubes and buckets. We had a blast and took a 3 hour break here before getting back on the road.

I did a horrible job documenting this trip on camera because now this last picture is what we see everyday we walk out the front door. So in case you were wondering to yourself "hmmm, I wonder what Josh and Laura see when they look out their front window"...well here ya go! It was just starting to rain so my camera is spotty.

The trip went very smoothly with the exception of finding out our air conditioner did not work in the truck. Once we hit the warm weather it became unbearable so we spent a whole afternoon in Kansas City in a trucker's lounge waiting for the air conditioner to be fixed. It was well worth it and made my mood so much better. I get REALLY grumpy when I am hot and uncomfortable. We had plans to see things and stop along the way...but ended up just driving as much as we could, so nothing too exciting went on.

We are still getting settled and unpacked. I have taken on the project of remodeling one of our bathrooms so that is keeping me busy as well as getting to know the tenants and taking on all the responsibility that comes along with the job. We really like the town in which we live and hope to be getting out and about more to discover all the area has to offer.

I have a post coming with pics of the zoo and Carter's birthday!

Thanks for reading!


julie said...

I have a picture of me in front of that Abe Lincoln thing. Neat huh? :) Are you ready to move back yet? I am! Come move by me!

Lisa said...

You almost make a big moving trip look fun! Glad that you're settling in and back to blogging. :) Carter is a cutie.

Jason, Amanda & Brayden said...

Wow, I can't say all the driving sounds like fun, but it sure does look like you saw some pretty awesome stuff!! Can't believe you guys are so darn far away. Carter sure is one handsome dude!!!

Kari said...

I love the view from your front door! It looks really nice there. And awesome job getting your storage room (and the rest of your house) all cleaned out. That's one of the nice things about moving--you can just throw away a ton of STUFF that you have that you think you need but deep down you know you don't.

Bradbury Trio said...

COOL! Laura~~ you give me hope that I do have a floor somewhere around here! Seriously, I'm surrounded by furniture, boxes, and stuff everywhere, and might be needing psycho help because of it!!

Anyway, back to commenting on your trip...

FUN! I love that you had the same idea as I did (taking a picture by every state sign) We'll have to take a roadtrip sometime and finish that goal!
I love every picture of Carter! What a photogenic handsome boy! XOXO I'm glad you had a great time in your travels and that you say Nebraska is pleasant--we thought the state would never end!!

Can't wait to see more pictures, and please show us your new place!!