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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New to Me

I am copying Cheri because I liked her last post and I need to blog. I have been delaying my posts because the batteries in my camera died. They are rechargeable ones and we can't find our charger just yet...so I have been holding out posting until I could put some pictures up with it...until now because I am in the office and it will be slow again until rent is due next month and I need something to do. So Cheri, thanks for the idea.

New To Carter:

*Being 2....Not new: behaving like a 2 year old

*Having his very own trampoline. It is a mini tramp my mom sent him for his birthday and he loves it!
*Time-outs...we have found that "time-out" works like a charm. I often feel very bad when I have to put Carter into one of the bedrooms and shut the door. He is too short to open the door so he can't get out. I feel so mean doing it, but I also know discipline is important. I also know I am not hurting him. He is safe and sound in this room. It even has toys and books in it...but it works because he knows we are on the other side having a party without him and he doesn't want to be left out. Now all we have to do to stop bad behavior is threaten a time out. Works every time...until 5 or 10 minutes later when we have to threaten it again;)

*Being able to count isn't new...but now he can count to 10 at
SuPeR sOnIc speeds because sometimes to get out of time out early he has to count to 10.

*Making sentences. He is getting very good at learning to speak English. He always catches me by surprise when he blurts something out. He will often say "I want to talk to Grandma/PaPa" My favorite word he says is "snuggle" because he doesn't say the "s". He will say "Mom want nuggles?" And of course my answer is always YES!!
*Realizing that pooping is more of a private matter. I have found him numerous times in the laundry room with a grimace and red cheeks! ha! He will shake his finger at me and tell me to go away! I keep telling him to let me in on his little secret before he hides and we can use the potty...but he still insists on telling me he isn't pooping. My nose knows better!

New to Laura:

*Cable on demand...not a good thing. Actually I have done well not being consumed with it. Although yesterday I didn't feel quite up to par so I spent the majority of my time on the couch watching "Tori and Dean: Inn Love"...the whole first season!! I actually think they are pretty funny and I have a completely different impression of Tori Spelling now. So, if I can somehow take that information and use it to better my life and that of my family then I didn't waste an entire day!

*Trying to figure out how to market my reality tv show called "Little Mexico Meets the Clampets"...I will explain in a future post.

*I am loving all the free time we have and that we left behind 96% of our responsibilities when we left Pocatello. I feel like I am on vacation.

New to Josh:
*A brand new, friggin expensive lawn mower. Poor Carter and his lack of college fund. Actually it is a good investment that will pay for itself. You see...the property we manage has lots of grass. The company whom we have paid to mow charges 1500.00 to do it. Therefore, we cut them loose, bought a mower, and will add that to our pocket books. Now Carter might be able to go to college...a small cheap one...but still....although I desperately want to go on a cruise! Yes it is more work for us...but we have the time...and who wouldn't want the extra money!?

New to the Family:

*Having to worry about Chiggers.

*A brand new kitchen table. The very first table we have ever purchased and I am happy to say it was on closeout and only cost us 75.00. That was cheaper than buying the folding table and cheap folding chairs we had set out to buy! WooooWhooo for us!

*Learning to speak Southern. Yes folks, "Southern" is the official dialect of Mississippi and it very hard to understand when spoken by a true native. I tell you what!

*Driving 20 miles to church. And it starts at 9:00. A really bad combination for un-morning person Laura with frizzy, temperamental hair.

So...that is all for now. I have a ton to blog about but it will have to wait, I have to go and practice my new language so that I may better communicate with my tenants. How do you translate..."You Are Evicted" from English to Southern? Seriously...leave me a comment with how you think it might be said. Lance...if you read this I know you speak this language very well..so translate away!


Cheri said...

yervicted. There you go. Bettcha didn't think I spoke southern, huh?

Jennifer Dunn said...

haha, you and Cheri are so funny! Love stories about your two year old, and am looking for more posts about your life in the South!

julie said...
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munge said...

You say "Ya'll are gonna have to leave cuz I'm fixin to evict ya'll"

Or -"Git out!"

I tell you what!

Casey Marie said...

hahaha Funny.

I want some nuggles.

Lisa said...

Ewwww! Chiggers! You made me shutter, yuck.

I'll trade you 9 am church for 1 pm church. Please! We're going to be on the 1 o'clock schedule for 2 1/2 years straight before our next change. It's a terrible for kids!

On a different topic, I love reading your blog. Sorry that I don't comment more, but I wanted one of the cupcakes you made for Carter's b-day. :)

**nicke said...

ahhhh a riding lawn mower. i am jealous!!!

**nicke said...

i would just leave a 12 pack of very cheap beer on the front porch with a note that says "free if you git out"

**nicke said...

oh, i guess it should be "if ya'll git out"

julie said...

Sorry I deleted my comment. So here's another! Can we please have your riding lawn mower? And a reality show involving those 2 cultures I think could actually be a huge hit. So yes, do work on that.

Tim and Laura Allen said...

chigers. what the heck are those. They look creapy. do they bite...yuck!

I love when kids start figuring out that it's embaressing to poo in front of people. So funny!

Liz said...

Oh, do I ever sympathize about the hair! Mine has been AWFUL since moving to the East! Any luck taming it? Share your wisdom! :-)

Greaves Family said...

Laura it is wonderful to read your blog and see how your family is doing. I saw that your cute boy had a cast and read about the "Marthas" I have to tell you what we went through with Jarren. By the time Jarren was two he had knocked out a tooth and swallowed it, got second degree burns on his hands, hit himself in the head with a hammer and two years ago he got 4 stitches in his head! I keep waiting for him to break a bone, but he keeps finding other things to do. :) The things you go through with boys!

Bradbury Trio said...

Hi YA'ALL! Okay, that's about as southern as i get! Oh! and N'AWLIN FOOD! (thanks to a sister in my ward teaching me that one!)

What a great post! I might just have to copy it too!! Since blog world is now my journal, scrapbook, Lexi's journal, scrapbook!

It was great reading these! Watch out for those chimigin thinga majiggers! Let's plan a date sometime next year (when we both catch up on our finances(is that possible?) to meet! I MUST SEE MY LAURITA SOON!!! :)

Us Bailey's said...

Sounds like you are getting used to things for sure. It's not fun going that far to church and definetly something new. We have to do the same thing! Good luck finding everything!

munge said...


I love your patriotic banner and all of the good music. It does my historian heart good. God Bless the USA. I love you sweetie.