Raining Petals

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Travel Journal #2

Hello from Nebraska! We made it a whole 400 and something miles yesterday! I cannot believe how SLOW this trip is. What Google Maps says should take us 4-5 hours is taking us 7-8 hours! Ugh!!

Nothing exciting to report. We just drove and drove. I have loved seeing places I have never seen before. I think we are a little crazy though because the further we drive, the more we get ourselves into Tornado country! I thought for sure yesterday a funnel cloud was going to drop right in front of us and I have never see the clouds so low...I could almost touch them.

We stopped for the night in Sidney, Nebraska. Josh locked the keys in the truck last night. We had to pay a locksmith to come open it. We are going to be bankrupt before this trip is over...especially paying $4.50 a gallon for diesel and getting like 2 miles per gallon!!

Well...I better get going. I hoping to see some Oregon Trail stuff today.

Until Next Time!


Casey Marie said...

Oooh...I hate locking keys in the car. That's the worst. I should know, I've broken the world record for that. But now that I have copies of keys with Cody I should be fine.
Anywho, Its fun to see your posts because I wasn't expecting one until you got there. I'm glad Carter is being good and enjoying seeing the world. I miss him already so much. I had a can of food that neither Cody nor I would eat and we were debating what to do with it and I said "Well, Carter likes that stuff so we can save it for him..."*sniff* :) I'm such a baby when it comes to family.

Anyways, are you taking lotsa pictures because you should. If you get a good one of a tornado you can make big bucks by sending it to the news, or become famous on YouTube. It was almost instant popularity in 9th grade when I told everyone that for my summer vacation I had to hide in a bathroom while tornadoes destroyed homes. It certainly wasn't THAT dramatic but it was fun.

Anywho, I love you. Drive Safe.

The Dayley Fam said...

Hope the trip drive is safe and ineventful for you guys! I'll keep hopping on here and looking for updates!

The Dayley Fam said...

What I meant to say was: I hope the drive is safe and uneventful for you guys! :-)

millerandbrandi said...

I know its a long drive, but at least you get to drive through some pretty awesome places...that you've never been before! I'm glad Carter was so good for you guys, its makes the drive a whole lot easier! Drive safely!!!