Raining Petals

Monday, May 26, 2008

Travel Journal #3

Hello Again!!

I have to be quick because we have to check out of our hotel. It was a nice morning. We had the pool and hot tub to ourselves so we swam and exercised and unwound. Carter loves to swim and throws a fit every time we have to leave the pool.

We are in Pevely, Missouri. We are only about 3 hours away from our final destination...which will probably take us 5 hours;)

We drove through St. Louis last night so I didn't even get to see the arch, but since we will be living pretty close we decided we can always come back!!

So over the past 4 nights I have slept in Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri...and tonight will be Mississippi!

It is already hot and muggy!! ugh.

Okay...I will write again when I get settled.


Lac said...

see my travel blog

Spicer said...

Hey Laura, I can't believe you've left already. Sounds like your travels have been going pretty well. I'm glad to hear that Carter is doing well with all the traveling. I just wanted to tell you guys good luck with the rest of your trip and enjoy your new adventure!:)

Casey Marie said...

Wahoo! You are so there already! That's fun! I decided I am going to make little video clips to email or message to Carter so he can keep seeing us and won't forget who we are. So there...

Carrie said...

Yea! You made it! I'm so excited for your family...what a great experience for you. I miss those big storms...they are incredible. I can't wait to see pictures.