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Friday, May 23, 2008

Travel Journal #1

Hi Everybody!

I was thinking I wouldn't be able to post again until we made it to Mississippi, however, in this day and age there is Wi-Fi everywhere, which makes blogging all too easy!

Well we did it!! After removing every last item from our house, cleaned, cleaned carpets, packed a 24 foot Budget truck, hitched our car, sent our van off to Twin Falls to hibernate, spent an hour on the phone with Qwest canceling our services(I loathe Qwest..I can never be on the phone with them less than an hour...rip my hair out now...good riddance) and leaving 3 days late...we are finally on the road!

Last night we bid farewell to Pocatello at about 6:00 PM...which means we didn't get very far. I think we drove 244 miles. With crappy weather and a big huge truck with a car hitched...we can only average 55 mph. So right now I am writing from Rock Springs, Wyoming and it is SNOWING outside. YUCK!!! I should enjoy though because it is in the 80's where we are heading so I know I won't be seeing snow for a long time.

Carter did very well on the drive yesterday. He talked to us most of the way and nodded off about 9:00. I really thought he would have fallen asleep sooner than that. He is fun companion so far. (knock on wood)

I want to thank my parents for making one last drive to Poky to help us get all packed up and take the van to Twin for us. I bawled my eyes out saying goodbye. I really love being so close to my family, so this will be a hard transition. I can't wait until we come back to settle down and live close to my parents. Carter sure loves Gramma and Paw Paw!! Thank you Casey and Cody for all your help as well and for keeping Carter entertained while we tried not to go insane!! We will miss you guys so much!!! Thank you KATIE...coming over numerous times throughout the week and not to mention getting the entire basement cleaned!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can't wait until you come visit. And thank you Leah for coming over as well and playing with Carter and helping us load things out!! I am glad we got to see you one last time!!

Okay...now we are going to head out. On to Nebraska! Hopefully we can get out of this snow!!

Hopefully I will have something fun to report next time!!

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Bradbury Trio said...

Oh My Laurita, Laurita won't you come out tonight! Won't you come out tonight! Won't you come out tonight...oh Laurita Laurrrita won't you come out tonight and dance by the light of the moon!!!

I'm glad to hear your having a pretty good road trip so far! Can't wait to hear how the rest of it treats you! Happy trails all the way baby! I know how you feel saying good-bye to family--it's so hard, but I will say that with my experience being in Philly...it's made Nick and I grow so much closer together than if we lived near parents and opinions! =) You'll do great wherever you go, with that awesome energetic personality! We REALLY MUST GET TOGETHER!!!! XOXO (P-S Watch our for deer, birds, moose, and psychsos!)