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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On a Roll

Whew...3 posts in a day! Look at me go!! But now don't expect anymore until after we get settled in Mississippi. I know, it will be a long wait. You will most likely get bored and not know what to do with yourself in my absence, but I assure you I will return. Oh shush shush shush now, no need for tears. Okay who I am kidding! :)

So I am so frustrated and so over this moving thing!! We wanted to be all packed up and have our house all spic and span by May 1st. HA!! We missed that objective by a long shot.

I am happy though because we have known for a while we would be moving, therefore, having ample time to sort and sift and get rid of A LOT of unnecessary items and throw away a lot of junk. Josh and both decided we hate stuff and want to take as little as possible with us! You don't understand...we live in a 5 bedroom house with every room being full!! We are getting rid of a small village!! I have narrowed Carter's toys down to one plastic tote. This boy had more toys than all the children in Africa have combined. (oh that is sad) I should send them there. I am now inclined to give that tote away too and just start anew once we get there. Then I look at a toy and get all emotional because Carter smiled at it once and can't imagine how I could give it away. Get a grip woman!!

Here is the basement family room. We used it for Carter's playland and I am sad I didn't take pictures of it when it was a happy place. The stuff in the very back we are keeping...the rest is going!!

The storage room. If you can believe it, it did have order at one point. Now it is just a monstrosity. I am keeping the bassinet (one of my favorite baby items)..the rest can go.

So here are a few pictures of the hazards I am facing right now. Slowly but surely we are getting there!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't want to continue. I am thinking of dowsing a little gasoline and striking a match and slowly backing away...actually quickly would probably be best.


Jennifer Dunn said...

Totally know what you mean by wanting to get rid of STUFF!!!

And then little sentimental thoughts creep in about every little thing your child has ever touched...and boy, it's emotionally exhausting work!

Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Laura: I am so sad you are leaving. I love your blog. You might have Shy help you haul all the baby stuff to her house. Ha Ha...Anyway I hope all goes well with your little family.
Love, Grandma Kathy

Casey Marie said...


Lara said...

Happy Mothers Day beaut!

Liz said...

OH I SO TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. We're heading to Phoenix in July and I'm doing the same thing - anything not vital to our existence (or really nostalgic) is getting the boot! I completely sympathize. Good luck!

Bradbury Trio said...

I'M SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED YOU'RE COMING OVER HERE!!! WE WILL AND MUST GET TOGETHER!!! YEE-HAW! Good luck with the whole packing...we haven't started, but I know I need to!!!

Seriously, reading that you're moving over this way made my day!!! LOVE YA!

Cheri said...

HA! I just realized that I made a blog a few days ago with this same title. Except your on a role is better than mine.

Christine said...

Laura: I'm Just wondering if you will help me strike a match to my junk. I don't even know that I'd miss much of it! Alas! Love you guys! Hope the move goes well!:)